Loss of an icon

Photo Courtesy of Harold’s Burger Bar

An Iconic place of business in the Pacific Northwest is closing, while not in Oregon, I figured I would mention it as many Oregonians have eaten at Harold’s Burger Bar in Centralia over the years. Well Winona (Noni) Adolfson has owned and run this “burger joint,” since 1985. Noni said she actually does not know the original owners name but through conjecture and rumor, she found out the business was started around 1946 or 1947. At the end of this month, the last burger will be made, and the grill turned off, as Harold’s closes.

Known throughout the pacific northwest for it’s burgers, the iconic restaurant draws crowds from as far away as California and Idaho. 

I have personally eaten the “Huskie” burger and it breaks my heart to know that Harold’s will be closed. I wanted to write this article as my shout out to Noni and her Huskie Burger. I will miss this place as a stopping point for every visit as I go to Seattle from Oregon. Being located in Centralia it is located just off Interstate 5, Google it before the end of December for directions and stop by and grab a one of a kind burger if your in the neighborhood.

Located at: 727 S Gold St
Ste A
Centralia, WA 98531

Submitted by Shaemus

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