City of Oakridge gets interim City Administrator

On December 14th, 2018 I met with Phillip Messina at Oakridge City Hall, the Interim Oakridge City Administrator has been on the job two weeks, I asked him how it was going so far. Messina indicated the outgoing City Administrator, Louis Gomez had been helpful during the transition, and that it was moving forward. I asked Messina if he had met with all of the members of the incoming council, he indicated he had met with all but one of them, and that he was looking forward to working with them.Among the topics we discussed; was the cities complaint process, Messina said he had plans on reviewing a process with the Mayor, the Council, a the city attorney. I asked him if he had met with any bias since he had been here, he said he had not and that the people of Oakridge he had met seemed interested in “moving ahead.” Also among his list of priorities was the hiring of a city administrator. Messina indicated that he would work with council and the Mayor, perhaps putting together a hiring committee. To get quality applicants, “advertising is important” using the International City Managers Association, The League of Oregon Cities, and a couple private recruiters are some of the ideas he discussed as ways to lure in talent. Getting ready for the budget was another area Messina indicated was upcoming. As far as his background goes, Messina spent time with Central Point, Colfax, and Carnation. Messina said he was a “generalist” as far as city administrators goes, and that while specializing in no particular area, he has 30 years of experience, and is familiar with all areas of city management.

submitted by Stephan Ball  

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