Lane County wants a new 252 Million dollar courthouse

A proposed 252 million dollar project moved a step closer toward reality as the Lane County Commission put forward a proposal for the mega-project. This was a big step forward toward asking the Lane County Voters to approve the project. The commission will also be asking the state to foot approximately 94 million dollars of the project, indicating the current courthouse does not adequately serve Lane County. The new courthouse, if approved would last for 100 years, and be state of the art. The new courthouse would be built where Eugene City Hall once stood, and be more than 290,000 square feet. The commission directed staff to begin preparing the measure for the ballot. It will be interesting to see where Commissioner-elect Heather Buch and Joe Berney come out on the issue. A couple of questions voters will need to ask themselves; is this the best use of our money, and why are we building this in Eugene Downtown, we could be building it in another area where land values are much more reasonable and thus saving the Lane County a pretty penny. Spending money in the crumbling downtown of Eugene, with it’s rampant homelessness and crime, seems like throwing good money after bad. Exploring options of similar tracts of land in Springfield or a spot of land along Franklin Blvd in between Springfield and Eugene would be a fairer resolution, and would save the county huge land fees, allowing the development of an area other than Eugene. 

Submitted by Shaemus

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