Oregon Govermental Ethics Commission finds cause on former Oakridge City Administrator

On November 8th, 2018, I received a response from the Oregon Governmental Ethics Commission indicating that they have found “cause” to believe Gomez has committed at least two different violations of ORS 244.040 and ORS244120(1)(c) after filing a complaint with the city that Louis Gomez had committed ethical violations for hiring Michael Hansen LLC without council approval, and that he had done with for Hansen where he said in the minutes from 05/17/2017 that he had not worked for Michael V Hansen. Louis first of all would have had to declare his paid work for Hansen to the Department of Ethics and let them dispose of the matter, he did not do this. It turns out that Louis had on three separate occasions been paid amounts from Michael V Hansen LLC, prior to the 05/17/2018 meeting, all of which are in amounts in excess of $50.00.
The Oregon Governmental Ethics Commission has indicated they will be opening up a full investigation into Gomez and his dealing with Michael V Hansen LLC. They indicated that investigation could take up 180 days to complete and should be done sometime in mid-April of 2019. Additional information in this case will be refereed by this write during the investigation and I will keep you the public, abreast of any findings.
Finance Director Susan Laduke who also works part time for Michael Hansen as the book keeper, is also full time employee with the city, is also a subordinate of Louis Gomez’s. On 05/17/2018, Gomez told council he had done no work for Michael Hansen, Upon talking with Laduke on November 8th she advised that Gomez was not an employee of Hansen but had been a private contractor who had done work for Hansen. I asked her why she had not volunteered that information during council instead of hiding it through obfuscation or silence she became verbally aggressive and told me I was not a very good investigator. She said she did not think remaining silent was a lie, and indicated that she no longer wanted to talk with me about this during business hours as it had nothing to do with her work and her current job.
According to records I received, invoices show that LandL Consulting received $153.90 on 01/16/2018, on 3/26/2018 for $100.00, and on 05/9/2018, in the amount $59.95. from Micheal V Hansen LLC. LandL Consulting only has one employee, Louis Gomez. The most notable violation was a contract renewal between the City of Oakridge and Michael V Hansen this was signed on 04/04/2018, this was after LandL Consulting had been paid twice by Michael V Hansen LLC. No disclosure was recorded or disposed of by Gomez to the ethics commission prior these aforementioned business dealings.
In a quote from the Oregon Governmental Ethics Commission “ In conclusion it appears that cause exists for the belief that violations of the use of office and conflict of interest provisions of ORS 244 and further investigation is warranted.”

Submitted by Stephan Ball

Includes support documents

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