Government Shutdown

With Democrats and Republicans on a standstill on wall funding the budget consideration will be pushed into 2019. Republicans stand on the premise of funding the wall as the cornerstone of President Trump’s campaign. His bid to lower crime and reduce spending on social programs is seeing some success with illegal crossings down almost 40% overall. Democrats pushing their agenda, saying that Central America is in crisis and the people there are fleeing the gangs and deserve asylum here. Many if not all of the immigrants are offered asylum in other countries before arriving at our borders, refusing. They see America as many other immigrants in the past have seen it, as a great place where their dreams can come true, while others bring kids with them so they can cross the border easier and get accepted due to holes in the American legal system that allow for people with children to get preferential treatment. With almost 400,000 federal workers on furlough and another 400,000 plus working without pay, each side seems poised to see what the other does.With agencies like the Coast Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security not being paid, many employees have to sort through their bills and decide what will be paid and what won’t. This is not the first time it has happened and probably will not be the last. Many departments are operating at minimal staffing, which can be dangerous for federal prisons or the national zoo. With Republicans, it is a fight they cannot afford to lose, with drugs flowing into the country through our southern border at an astounding rate, it is estimated that a wall will shut down as much as 80% of the illegal drugs being smuggled into the country. Democrats, who rely on as much as 85% of the hispanic vote in California and Texas cannot be seen to be weak on this fight, as many family members are in the immigrant trains coming here, and through naturalization many of these people are future democratic votes. With a shrinking voter base in other areas, democrats feel the need to make up those voting losses. In addition, the stoppage of narcotics into the inner cities, will see a sharp rise in drugs prices, this in turn will see a sharp rise in crime, seen as a failure of the nearly 90% of Democratically controlled inner cities will start electing conservatives to those positions, removing Democrats from long held seats of power, this happened in NYC when in 1994 New York City Rampant with high crime elected a Republican Mayor who in turn by all accounts cleaned up the city. While Democrats will not come out and say this is why they fear the wall being built, it can be the only logical reasoning behind any American not wanting a secure border. 

Written by Shaemus

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