Incendiary devices found in Eugene

On January 28th, 2019, Maintenance Crews located items that were in fact, not hoax devices and posed a real danger. Eugene Police Department announced that it has found multiple devices, that were incendiary devices. The bomb squad has made the devices safe and the devices were on the property of the City of Eugene. Lt. David Natt indicated that he was not going to release details of the devices, or the amount of damage the devices could have caused due to the details perhaps compromising the investigations. Natt said that he they are looking to the properties in the surrounding areas for video surveillance. Natt also could not elaborate on timelines for getting forensics, on the devices. Lt. Natt encourages anyone with leads to contact anyone with information to call, saying that cases like this can be difficult to solve. 

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Anyone with information about the devices is urged to contact Detective Jeff Drullinger at 541-682-5160.

Eugene Police Dept. added,Eugene Police Dept. @EugenePoliceOn Jan 28, maintenance crews contacted Police after locating suspicious items near EPD HQ. Members of the Eugene Metro Explosive Disposal Unit responded and found the items to be incendiary devices. The devices were rendered safe and the investigation is ongoing.

Written by Marie

Hammond family gets 10 year renewal of federal land grazing rights

Just over three years after the Lavoy Finnicum’s death at the hands of law enforcement, the Hammond Ranches Inc. got a ten year renewal of their federal land grazing rights. Former Secretary Zinke renewed the agreement just before he resigned from his position as the Secretary of the Interior. Last year President Trump pardoned the Hammonds, Dwight Jr. and Steven, for arson which each was convicted in 2012. The occupation was led by the two sons of Cliven Bundy after the Hammonds were ordered to prison. A 41 day standoff at the refuge ensued and was ultimately ended after the tragic death of Finnicum. Secretary Zinke found that the circumstances of Hammonds pardon and their use of federal land has warranted a renewal. This was a case the left use to say right wing militias were a danger, citing the armed occupation, but yet failed to address the ever expanding federal regulation of public lands. Many people of the country were caught in the middle and more than half of the employees of the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge quit due to future safety concerns. 

Written by C Chapin

Trump signs Clean Seas Act

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President Trump has signed the 2018 Clean Seas Act, will remove tons of trash and debris from our oceans. President Trump’s critics have often times put pressure on him to have more initiatives where he is more environmentally conscious, but they were quiet over the weekend after the President signed the initiative. The President said in a short speech that we are being inundated with debris from other countries and we need to take measures to clean up that debris before it becomes more of a problem. The initiative, was a bi-partisan bill sponsored by Senators from Oklahoma and Rhode Island. The Trump administration has put other countries around the world “on notice” that it will not tolerate the dumping of garbage into the ocean. The white house confirmed that they were in the process of working with Canada, Mexico as part of their trade deal, also that they would be putting pressure on the Philippines to reduce their pollution, the Philippines were identified as one of the three worst ocean polluters in the world. 

Written by Shaemus

Grocery Shopping just got easier

In a world full of conveniences we now have amazing options in the grocery world. The ability to shop online appeals to busy moms, seniors, and the disabled. Curbside pickups allow you to shop online, have designated pickup locations within their parking lot. Each of these services has dedicated staff to walk out and delivered already bagged grocery and household items right to your car or truck and load it for you.

Grocery delivery to curb side pick up. Not all locations have the delivery service, so they opted to allow customers shop online and pick up curbside. Major grocery stores such Fred Meyer, Walmart and now Safeway have a curbside option. Stores have different names for the service Fred Meyer pickup service formerly Clicklist, Walmart Grocery Pick Up, and Safeway Drive up and go. In Oregon areas such as Portland, Albany, Eugene. Springfield and some surrounding areas have Walmart Grocery pick up. Walmart service is Free and available 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. Fred Meyer pickup cost $4.95 after the first three pickups that are free. Their service is from 7am to 9pm 7 days a week. Safeway offers drive up and go in Bend and other Eastern Oregon locations. Safeway locations for pickup are 9am- 10pm and Safeway Drive up & go is Free.

Each site allows you to purchase things besides grocery. For instance our experience with Walmart we purchased items such as dog food, shampoo, laundry soap, and storage containers. Walmart site allows you to select individual items you will allow substitutions in the case the store is out of a particular sales item, they can substitute with an equivalent item. We used the service for each store 3 times to use as an average of service. Walmart was consistently out of blackberry yogurt and could offer no substitute. But, on occasion offered substitute for fresh produce that was way beyond our expectations. Walmart allows you to add items until the day of the scheduled pick up for items you may have forgotten.

We pulled into the Pick up location at the Springfield Walmart location and the parking lot was clearly marked. Each pick up spot clearly marked and signage had a telephone number to call upon arrival. I looked at my cellphone app that I used to buy the items and it has a option to alert them that you are at the location and gives a selection for color of vehicle your arriving in. Simple, right? It was amazingly simple and two employs came in a short time with a wheeled cart with containers with already bagged merchandise. They politely show any items they did not have, substitutes and changes. They load the car carefully, ask you to sign a small portable device that you picked up your items, and your on your way. Where was this service when I had small children?

Fred Meyer pick up had locations in the rear of the Division Street store. Fred Meyer did not have our Dog Food selection and we were not offered a substitute. We were offered a substitute for produce items. Fred Meyer did not allow for adding additional items as we did with Walmart. They also sent out a worker with a cart and bagged items. Fred Meyer grocery pick up has a definite different plastic bag then they offer in the store these brown plastic numbers are amazingly thick and feel much more like a recycle bag that you could use over and over. Each location requires a small minimum which was around $30. Some websites have discount codes for these services. Walmart has code EATFRESH for $10 off and Safeway has SAVE20 for $20 off. We could not find a coupon code that worked for Fred Meyer Grocery pickup.

Written By Marie

Three years since Finnicum’s death

Today marks the third anniversary of Lavoy Finnicum’s tragic death at the hands of law enforcement personnel.  Lavoy who was a “spokesman” for the people occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, was stopped at approximately 4:30 p.m. on January 26th 2016. According to the FBI, Lavoy took off from the initial stop and failed to stop for pursuing vehicles, then drove off the road prior to a roadblock where an Oregon State Trooper admitted to firing three times at Lavoy’s oncoming truck. Once the truck stopped and Lavoy exited the vehicle, two officers said they saw him reach into his coat where they had been told he carried a pistol. They each said they felt the need to use lethal force and fired, one with a pistol and one with a rifle. FBI Agent Astarita has already been acquitted of all charges concerning his lying about firing two rounds, he stated he never fired, yet one round hit the roof of the truck, and one round missed the vehicle all together. There has been no one held to account for those two rounds, and as to when and why they were actually fired. According to Oregon law enforcement training doctrine, roadblocks should never be used, “as they give the pursued person little choice.” Oregon seems to fail to cooperate with the federal enforcement during times when a Republican President is in power, when Lavoy was shot, President Obama was in power and we had a Democratic Governor, our state police cooperated with federal law enforcement, even as far as going directly against their own training doctrine. The Oregon State Police should remain true to Oregon and not to partisan politics, unfortunately the Superintendent of the Oregon State Police is appointed by the Governor and as such could be beholding. Lavoy was speaking out against the ever increasing federalization of public lands, the ever increasing presence and control of public lands by the federal government, and according to his family, he was killed for it. So whichever side of the fence you fall on this issue, one thing is for sure, is that this tragedy and will likely shape events in Oregon for many years to come. 

Written by Marie

Dwarf tossing could soon be illegal

Lawmakers in our neighbor state to the North have been busy with making a law that would forbid the tossing of dwarves in bars and strip clubs. Yes, that’s right, dwarf tossing could be illegal. Hearings begin next week followed by a vote on the bill. The Washington Senate Bill was sponsored due to the complaint of one medical student, who complained that the event could cause injury to persons with Dwarfism. Events where dwarf tossing was done last year at the Deja Vu strip club in Spokane Valley sparked the outrage. When the person with Dwarfism who was being tossed last year was interviewed he said, he trains like any athlete and gets paid, he has no problem with the event. If the bill passes people found guilty of violations could face fines of up too $1000. Dwarf tossing is relatively popular nationwide, and seems to be a productive source of income for people with Dwarfism.

 Photo Courtesy of Leopards Lounge. 

Written by Shaemus

America waits 3 weeks for Some sort of compromise

President Trump announced that there would be a temporary reprieve from the shutdown of the government as the Democrats and Republicans seem to try to come to an agreement over immigration and providing funding for the President’s cornerstone campaign promise, building a wall along the southern border of the United States. House Speaker Pelosi appeared to be gloating, saying that she had said there was going to be no wall, and there is no wall. While she affirmed the creation of a subcommittee to work over the next few weeks to come to an agreement both sides could live with. She really may have no choice though, according to President Trump who said if there is not agreement in the next few weeks, he may shut the government down again, or may use the powers afforded him under the Constitution and declare a national emergency, allowing him to build the wall with forces from the United States Military, using funds from the Department of Defense. 

Written by Charles

Oregon Washington Measles outbreak

More than 30 cases of measles have been reported throughout Oregon and Washington. Measles can be caught through the air and is listed as one of the more contagious diseases out there by the CDC. Unvaccinated youth are listed as the primary cause of this outbreak, with a reported 76% of kindergarten kids in the 2017-2018 school year showing to have been vaccinated against the extremely rare disease. With tuberculosis and hepatitis on the rise, we have to ask ourselves where this is coming from. Is it a combination of failing to vaccinate and uncontrolled illegal unvetted illegal immigration? 

 The CDC has technical instructions for medical examination of prospective immigrants in their home countries before they are permitted to enter the U.S. They should be checked for infectious diseases such as TB, hepatitis, polio, mumps, HIV, malaria, and measles. Testing also for syphilis, gonorrhea and other STD’s. This is not done when people just stroll across the southern border, then claim sanctuary in states where immigration status enforcement is either illegal or not a priority. This compiled with our apparent aversion fo vaccination is a deadly combination. 

Written by Charles C.

Supreme Court upholds Trans Ban

President Trump has won a victory in the Supreme Court by they recent decision to uphold his ban on transgender persons from entering or remaining in the U.S. military. Citing that the majority of the problems faced with allowing transgender persons to enter or remain in the military is the expensive process often times associated with the gender reassignment surgeries that go with them. While there are still injunctions going through lower courts, this decision will likely stand as law of the land. A landmark victory in an area of the grand social experiment that should never have been. The U.S. military is not the place for this type of event. With a cost of about $75,000.00 per service member for the surgical and post surgical care in addition to their already free care, was a cost burden that President Trump was advised by the Palm Center Group was not conducive to a cost effective military. President Trump, who ran on a promise to “trim fat” off the military while making it stronger, often times cites Former President Obama’s apparent lack of support for the military and reduction in America’s readiness. The ongoing care of a veteran who received gender reassignment is approximately $700 a year. This is often times for the life of the veteran as the medical care began while in the service and as such can be claimed by the member upon leaving for reimbursement through local VA centers. 

Written by Shaemus

Trump closes gap with Democrats and extends DACA build the wall

Trump gave concessions on DACA in his speech from the White House today, offering more protections for the “Dreamers” if he can get funding for the wall. Stating the illegal immigration is at an epidemic level, with the government at it’s 29th day of being partially shutdown. 800,000 federal workers are either furloughed or working without pay as President Trump stands his ground on this issue. Nancy Pelosi stated the offer was not reasonable. Other sources say the offer would likely not pass the Senate. With Illegal immigration at an unprecedented level, and detention centers filled to overflowing, one this is clear; our immigration system is broken. With neither side budging at all, it appears we are in for a long wait, the winter could be cold for those employees who are without pay. Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois wants to start the government again then talk about the issues at hand. With illegal immigration costing 150 billion dollars a year, and a wall threatening to cut illegals crossings by up to 90%, it seems logical to fund the wall. Wall funding was approved in past on multiple occasions, the last time was in 2013. With more than 35,000 homeless persons just in California alone, it would seem we need to take care of our domestic issues before letting more people cross unvetted into our country. The total homeless population of the United States is around 114,000 with California having the vast majority. With the average education level of of the illegal immigrant being at just sixth grade. With the lack of education and a skilled labor force it could send the homeless number much higher, or reduce the number of jobs available to those who already have a hard time finding labor ready jobs, which are almost always the only jobs those with limited education levels can get. Conservative voices are all for immigration on a merit based system, bringing the educated, healthy, and those without a criminal background to our country to fill the places of the more than 250,000 visas extended each year. With illegal immigration, it is like line jumping, imagine waiting 20 minutes in like at Starbucks, and then at the last second the person walking through the door gets to order before you, because they want to avoid the line, except the line is the law and it is being broken, with many liberal havens giving haven to illegals through the guise of sanctuary cities. 

Written by Marie