Why Americans need the Wall

Our President, whether you like him or not wants a wall built along our southern border with Mexico. The shared border is roughly 1954 miles long, porous in some places and impossible to traverse in others. With 580 miles of barriers and walls already in place, the President is calling for 5 billion dollars to be funded for the wall in the upcoming budget. Democrats in Congress have resisted putting that much money in the budget as an obstruction to one of Trump’s cornerstone campaign pledges. Why do Democrats and liberals not want a wall with Mexico? I began exploring answers to that question and found a few disturbing revelations; Democrats control most of the local governments of the large cities in America, with a border wall, which is estimated to reduce drug smuggling into the U.S by as much as 80 percent. This would go horrible for Democrats seeking re-election, showing that the wall works, then by the rising drug prices in the inner cities, crime would go through rampant growth by as much as 400 percent, with addicts committed more and more crime to feed the ever growing prices of street level narcotics. Democrats would be seen as losing control, much as New York was viewed in 1994 when Rudy Giulianii a Republican was elected to reduce crime in the city, due to an apparent out of control crime problem. Democrats cannot afford to lose control of their inner cities, they cannot afford for that voter base to see Republican candidates doing a good job, if they were they may lose control of that cities voting base and as such the congressional districts, poor people would see a Republican party as a saviour and it would certainly spell the demise of the Democrats who rely on poor and minority ignorance to get re-elected; Second is that according to Senator Diane Feinstein (D) California said ” who will pick our crops.” if there are no illegal aliens, indicating that illegal immigrant farm workers were being used to replace American  workers for lower pay to perform work that was beneath or below an American worker, sound familiar? From 1830 until the beginning of the civil war in 1861, slaves were used to pick cotton primarily, with abolish advocates seeking the end to slavery Democratic Party shouts of “who will pick our cotton!” Also the calling card of slave owners attempting to keep slavery legal. Illegal immigrants are the Democratic Parties slaves, by giving them an estimated 100 billion dollars a year nationally in social program assistance, and using them in their fields they have just changed the color and nationality of their slaves. I am still pondering the question of why the Democrats would not seal the border with a wall to stop human trafficking, by funneling sex trade workers, terrorists, exploited children they are just continuing to agree to the slavery and abuse of these people. The DEA announced that building a wall along the southern border would slow the flow of drugs into the country. The U.S Border Patrol agrees with the President in that a wall would reduce illegal immigration by 90 percent across the southern border. With illegal immigration costing 100 billion dollars a year. Building a wall would pay for itself in the first six months and would pay for itself 500 times in the first ten years, but when did making sense affect the decision of the government? The answer to that is Donald J. Trump, he seems to be trying to make sense, doing things that make the country better, thinking of America first before other nations. He has put forth requests to have NATO partner nations to begin paying their fair share. Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, not because Climate change is a myth, but because not all of the nations in the accord were being treated fairly, China and India did not have to meet the same standards in the accord that the U.S. did until the year 2040. In short, the Democrats don’t want a wall because of Donald J. Trump. Senator Schumer (D) New York said in 2009 that a strong southern wall was needed to keep out illegal immigration, Even Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have statements on the record where they supported a strong southern wall to prevent illegal immigration. They probably held that stance until they realized they needed those future votes to stay in power, as those educated Americans realize that the Democratic Party does not have the best interest of America at heart, but they have the best interests of their pocketbooks as heart.

Written by Shaemus

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