Trump closes gap with Democrats and extends DACA build the wall

Trump gave concessions on DACA in his speech from the White House today, offering more protections for the “Dreamers” if he can get funding for the wall. Stating the illegal immigration is at an epidemic level, with the government at it’s 29th day of being partially shutdown. 800,000 federal workers are either furloughed or working without pay as President Trump stands his ground on this issue. Nancy Pelosi stated the offer was not reasonable. Other sources say the offer would likely not pass the Senate. With Illegal immigration at an unprecedented level, and detention centers filled to overflowing, one this is clear; our immigration system is broken. With neither side budging at all, it appears we are in for a long wait, the winter could be cold for those employees who are without pay. Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois wants to start the government again then talk about the issues at hand. With illegal immigration costing 150 billion dollars a year, and a wall threatening to cut illegals crossings by up to 90%, it seems logical to fund the wall. Wall funding was approved in past on multiple occasions, the last time was in 2013. With more than 35,000 homeless persons just in California alone, it would seem we need to take care of our domestic issues before letting more people cross unvetted into our country. The total homeless population of the United States is around 114,000 with California having the vast majority. With the average education level of of the illegal immigrant being at just sixth grade. With the lack of education and a skilled labor force it could send the homeless number much higher, or reduce the number of jobs available to those who already have a hard time finding labor ready jobs, which are almost always the only jobs those with limited education levels can get. Conservative voices are all for immigration on a merit based system, bringing the educated, healthy, and those without a criminal background to our country to fill the places of the more than 250,000 visas extended each year. With illegal immigration, it is like line jumping, imagine waiting 20 minutes in like at Starbucks, and then at the last second the person walking through the door gets to order before you, because they want to avoid the line, except the line is the law and it is being broken, with many liberal havens giving haven to illegals through the guise of sanctuary cities. 

Written by Marie

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