Dwarf tossing could soon be illegal

Lawmakers in our neighbor state to the North have been busy with making a law that would forbid the tossing of dwarves in bars and strip clubs. Yes, that’s right, dwarf tossing could be illegal. Hearings begin next week followed by a vote on the bill. The Washington Senate Bill was sponsored due to the complaint of one medical student, who complained that the event could cause injury to persons with Dwarfism. Events where dwarf tossing was done last year at the Deja Vu strip club in Spokane Valley sparked the outrage. When the person with Dwarfism who was being tossed last year was interviewed he said, he trains like any athlete and gets paid, he has no problem with the event. If the bill passes people found guilty of violations could face fines of up too $1000. Dwarf tossing is relatively popular nationwide, and seems to be a productive source of income for people with Dwarfism.

 Photo Courtesy of Leopards Lounge. 

Written by Shaemus

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