Grocery Shopping just got easier

In a world full of conveniences we now have amazing options in the grocery world. The ability to shop online appeals to busy moms, seniors, and the disabled. Curbside pickups allow you to shop online, have designated pickup locations within their parking lot. Each of these services has dedicated staff to walk out and delivered already bagged grocery and household items right to your car or truck and load it for you.

Grocery delivery to curb side pick up. Not all locations have the delivery service, so they opted to allow customers shop online and pick up curbside. Major grocery stores such Fred Meyer, Walmart and now Safeway have a curbside option. Stores have different names for the service Fred Meyer pickup service formerly Clicklist, Walmart Grocery Pick Up, and Safeway Drive up and go. In Oregon areas such as Portland, Albany, Eugene. Springfield and some surrounding areas have Walmart Grocery pick up. Walmart service is Free and available 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. Fred Meyer pickup cost $4.95 after the first three pickups that are free. Their service is from 7am to 9pm 7 days a week. Safeway offers drive up and go in Bend and other Eastern Oregon locations. Safeway locations for pickup are 9am- 10pm and Safeway Drive up & go is Free.

Each site allows you to purchase things besides grocery. For instance our experience with Walmart we purchased items such as dog food, shampoo, laundry soap, and storage containers. Walmart site allows you to select individual items you will allow substitutions in the case the store is out of a particular sales item, they can substitute with an equivalent item. We used the service for each store 3 times to use as an average of service. Walmart was consistently out of blackberry yogurt and could offer no substitute. But, on occasion offered substitute for fresh produce that was way beyond our expectations. Walmart allows you to add items until the day of the scheduled pick up for items you may have forgotten.

We pulled into the Pick up location at the Springfield Walmart location and the parking lot was clearly marked. Each pick up spot clearly marked and signage had a telephone number to call upon arrival. I looked at my cellphone app that I used to buy the items and it has a option to alert them that you are at the location and gives a selection for color of vehicle your arriving in. Simple, right? It was amazingly simple and two employs came in a short time with a wheeled cart with containers with already bagged merchandise. They politely show any items they did not have, substitutes and changes. They load the car carefully, ask you to sign a small portable device that you picked up your items, and your on your way. Where was this service when I had small children?

Fred Meyer pick up had locations in the rear of the Division Street store. Fred Meyer did not have our Dog Food selection and we were not offered a substitute. We were offered a substitute for produce items. Fred Meyer did not allow for adding additional items as we did with Walmart. They also sent out a worker with a cart and bagged items. Fred Meyer grocery pick up has a definite different plastic bag then they offer in the store these brown plastic numbers are amazingly thick and feel much more like a recycle bag that you could use over and over. Each location requires a small minimum which was around $30. Some websites have discount codes for these services. Walmart has code EATFRESH for $10 off and Safeway has SAVE20 for $20 off. We could not find a coupon code that worked for Fred Meyer Grocery pickup.

Written By Marie

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