Trump signs Clean Seas Act

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President Trump has signed the 2018 Clean Seas Act, will remove tons of trash and debris from our oceans. President Trump’s critics have often times put pressure on him to have more initiatives where he is more environmentally conscious, but they were quiet over the weekend after the President signed the initiative. The President said in a short speech that we are being inundated with debris from other countries and we need to take measures to clean up that debris before it becomes more of a problem. The initiative, was a bi-partisan bill sponsored by Senators from Oklahoma and Rhode Island. The Trump administration has put other countries around the world “on notice” that it will not tolerate the dumping of garbage into the ocean. The white house confirmed that they were in the process of working with Canada, Mexico as part of their trade deal, also that they would be putting pressure on the Philippines to reduce their pollution, the Philippines were identified as one of the three worst ocean polluters in the world. 

Written by Shaemus

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