Incendiary devices found in Eugene

On January 28th, 2019, Maintenance Crews located items that were in fact, not hoax devices and posed a real danger. Eugene Police Department announced that it has found multiple devices, that were incendiary devices. The bomb squad has made the devices safe and the devices were on the property of the City of Eugene. Lt. David Natt indicated that he was not going to release details of the devices, or the amount of damage the devices could have caused due to the details perhaps compromising the investigations. Natt said that he they are looking to the properties in the surrounding areas for video surveillance. Natt also could not elaborate on timelines for getting forensics, on the devices. Lt. Natt encourages anyone with leads to contact anyone with information to call, saying that cases like this can be difficult to solve. 

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Anyone with information about the devices is urged to contact Detective Jeff Drullinger at 541-682-5160.

Eugene Police Dept. added,Eugene Police Dept. @EugenePoliceOn Jan 28, maintenance crews contacted Police after locating suspicious items near EPD HQ. Members of the Eugene Metro Explosive Disposal Unit responded and found the items to be incendiary devices. The devices were rendered safe and the investigation is ongoing.

Written by Marie

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