Another crushing quarter for the US Economy

With the last quarter of 2018 showing a robust addition of 300k jobs in the US market despite strong obstructionist rhetoric against Trump, he continues to amaze. His rapid deregulation and re-organization of America’s trade agreements has allowed businesses, both large, and small, to thrive once again in the world. 

With the initial tax break, and a constant tweaking President Trump has managed to keep the U.S. Economy on an even keel, despite constant pressures from the left. With the President seeking to keep the Federal Interest rate low, and keep the economy booming, the with the

Fed raising rates in December 2018, the stock market overreacted drastically, it has since corrected itself. Unemployment is listed at 4%, with a creation of 300,000 jobs for the last quarter, this was higher than expected, and since President Trump has taken office the financial reports have been better than expected in every quarter. 

Written by Charles C

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