Will Democrats be flexable enough to make a deal

The two sides in Washington D.C.  have apparently come to a deal late Monday night, not sure if President Trump will sign it, as it does not give him the 5.7 Billion dollars in funding he wants for a barrier along 215 miles of our southern border, however this tentative deal does give funding for 55 miles of fencing. When President Trump was asked whether he will sign it, he said he did not know, and that after he added some things that he would have to read it. 

Instead of getting 5.7 Billion dollars they will get 1.4 billion dollars for barriers. The Republicans apparently felt they had taken the worst of the reprisals from the first shutdown and did not want any more of that. 

Democrats were trying to get limits on the amounts of illegals ICE could detain, but that was taken off the table when they started taking backlash from it. Some Democrats were still upset about ICE detention facilities and wanted them to drop their numbers from around 49k to around 40k with a maximum of 16k of those being from non border areas. Republicans threatened to shut off talks if the capacity limits for ICE did not immediately come off the table. Democrats, in the interest of negotiating and contrary to the more left leaning of their members reluctantly pulled ICE capacity limits from the table. Other funding included in this funding bill is increased electronic security at the border, increased customs personnel, and humanitarian aid requested by Democrats. 

President Trump  ” we can call it anything. We’ll call it barriers, we’ll call it whatever they want,” Trump went on to say, ” But now it turns out not only don’t they want to give us money for a wall, they don’t want to give us space to detain murderers, criminals. drug dealers, and human smugglers.” ICE released figures last week supporting what the President said, indicating that out of the 159,000 illegal immigrants it detained last year, 66% of them were previously convicted of crimes, also that in 2016 under Barrack Obama the 110,000 detained, 89% had previously been convicted of crimes. Showing that under President Trump more immigrants are being detained, and around the same numbers of criminals are still crossing our borders. 

Whatever happens it will be interesting to see if President Trump signs the funding bill to prevent another shutdown, while getting some funding for a barrier, he has not been able to secure his campaign promise of a border wall across the countries southern border. 

Written by Stephan B

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