Nancy Pelosi hints that Democrate President intends to remove gun rights

Nancy Pelosi, the recently re-speakerized Democrat from California, said the that the next Democratic President may use those same powers that the President is using to skirt Congress and declare a national emergency about gun violence, thus giving the military the right to come and seize our guns.

This was in response to President Trump saying he plans on declaring a national emergency along the nations southern border and will build the wall with funds from the defense budget. 

Simply put Nancy, one of those things is protected by the U.S. Constitution and about 200 million people with guns. The other, has an approval rating in America of above 60%.

One of those things is an inalienable right given to us, the right to defend ourselves, the other is also a right but given to our President, secure our borders and protect it’s citizens from all threats foreign and domestic. 

Written by Marie

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