Oakridge Mayor controls it’s council

Is not one Oakridge City Councilor listening to the pleas from your Reserve Fire Department, and your watchful citizens? Do they not know how to make a Motion against the wishes of the Mayor? With Hansen LLC still left standing after it was on the agenda to be rid of partnership with Mike Hansen LLC, not one councilor made a motion to end the contract, with Mayor Holston delaying yet again and costing the city another agonizing period with Hansen LLC overseeing the fractured and disgruntled Oakridge Fire Department. 
With the most recent election and appointment of Councilor Maxfield, Almost the entire Oakridge City Council is new. Is it that they are new, or do they just simply now know what they are doing? Do they now understand that they themselves can make a motion on items on the agenda and that they are not always going to be in line with what the Mayor wants? For many citizens, it is like living in a bad dream, a surreal experience where the fire department in this small town has gone from one of pride and accomplishment to fear and backstabbing. 
Oakridge needs a Councilor to make a motion to end the city’s agreement with Mike Hansen LLC in order to begin repairing the damage many say has happened under the organization’s watchful eye. Three years ago, Mike Hansen was hired as part of another LLC brought on to facilitate the hiring of a fire chief (still no new fire chief.) After years of turmoil at the fire chief position in Oakridge, it was thought that bringing in an outside consultant would be a wiser choice. After one year the Oakridge City Administrator went around council in a controversial and some would say illegal move and hired Michael Hansen LLC. to oversee the fire department in Oakridge. In the past, the department had been staffed by a Chief who was also a “working chief,” meaning they were a qualified and certified paramedic, Mike Hansen is not, he was, but some speculate he may have lost his certifications due to a DUII that was hidden in his background, since he was not brought before council for hiring his background was never revealed, Gomez when confronted with the fact that Hansen had a DUII, said he knew about it and hired him anyway. It is unlikely that the council would have hired Hansen with a DUII if they had known.
 Gomez was terminated from city employment and has been the subject of an ongoing Oregon DOJ Ethics Investigation since last August. Gomez was also paid on numerous occasions for private investigation work by Hansen LLC, he then went on to renew the LLC’s Contract. Another of Hansen’s employees is Susan Laduke, who is also the Finance Director for the City of Oakridge. Susan Laduke is also a Private Investigator, who has been used by the city to investigate complaints on Gomez involving impropriety with Hansen LLC, her investigation came back with no improper conduct found, but DOJ did the same investigation and found “cause” on multiple areas that Gomez was in violation of state ethics law. I was informed that no discipline had been given to Laduke nor an investigation of her possible impropriety regarding a conflict of interest in her investigation by Interim City Administrator Phillip Messina he did assure me the matter would be looked into. 
Beginning shortly after the election in November, friends of Councilor Chrissy Hollett’s got letters in the mail and were met in person and told they were not meeting a department training requirement, yet these people were responsible for answering roughly 18% of all the calls in the city during their time working Hansen, rather than allow their work to account for some of their training which can be done, fired them. With many of these people showing up at council meetings over the last couple months, pleading with the council that they love their department and that this was in retribution for their support of Councilor Hollett, their voices are all but unheard by an inexperienced city council, apparently meandering at the will of the Mayor.  
Most recently brought to the attention of the council was that Hansen LLC has endangered the city and its citizens with its limited staffing. Saying that a family with a serious medical issue regarding their child had arrived at the fire department to seek aid only to find it unstaffed and no help available for at least 15 minutes. The family told council members they had to drive their child to the hospital themselves. 
With the last four house fires reportedly having low staffing at the fires themselves, Oakridge is dangerously close to not living up to its obligation to its citizens, Having to call outside agencies to cover both the ambulance service and the fire scene, this was almost never the case 10 years ago. 
Wake up! council, make a move for the betterment of the city, you do not need the Mayor’s permission before you make a motion, you do not need her to say it is okay or for the city attorney to tell you what to do, they work for you. Even the Mayor works at guiding council so in a way she even works for you council.  

Written by Stephan Ball


Correction quoted in error, the family said they felt it would have been faster to transport themselves vs the fire department not that they actually transported themselves. 

Mueller investigation concludes

Today Robert Muller has concluded his mandated investigation and handed the findings over to William Barr, The Attorney General of the United States. Barr will prepare a summary of the investigation to send to Congress, and perhaps release the investigation to the public. 

Williams Barr said, ” he was committed to transparency in the investigation.” Which began shortly after the 2016 election, in response to the firing of James Comey. Many speculate this was the “insurance policy” Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe talked about in their office. Page testified that it was indeed the “insurance policy” they were eluding too, but others involved in the conversation have denied that. Andrew McCabe has said that Rod Rosenstein volunteered to wear a wire to talk with President Trump in an attempt to get evidence of the Obstruction of Justice on the President.

A charge Rod Rosenstein vehemently denies, saying that he was instead joking about wearing a wire. During the investigation charges against numerous Trump campaign officials surfaced, none of which took place during the campaign or had any connection to The President as of yet.

The investigation often times turned toward the left, and those avenues looked as if they had not been pursued since the mandate looked for Russian-Trump collusion any other Russian collusion like that of the Clinton campaign looks like to be ignored. It looks as if Mueller created as many questions as he solved during his investigation. 

Written by Shaemus O’Grady

Lane County Deputy Resigns Amid Controversy

On November 1, 2018, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint alleging that Holiman made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature to a community member while on duty. The complaint was assigned to be investigated by the Office of Professional Standards the day it was received. The Office of Professional Standards began investigating and learned of a previous incident involving similar behavior with a separate community member that reportedly occurred in 2016. That incident was reported to the community member’s employer but had not been reported to the Sheriff’s Office.

On November 2, 2018, the internal investigation was placed on hold when information was received leading the investigator to believe the allegations may rise to a criminal level. Unless unusual circumstances exist, a Sheriff’s Office internal investigation will be put on hold if indicators of criminal conduct arise during the investigation so a separate criminal investigation can take place. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office requested an outside agency, the Florence Police Department, perform the criminal investigation.

On November 6, 2018, upon his return from scheduled time off, Holiman was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the criminal and internal investigations.

On December 11, 2018, the internal investigation resumed after it was determined that the Lane County District Attorney’s Office would not be pursuing criminal charges related to the complaint.

On January 11, 2019, new information was received as a result of the continued investigatory efforts of the Office of Professional Standards regarding conduct that could rise to the level of criminal charges. The internal investigation was again put on hold to allow a criminal investigation to take place. The Florence Police Department conducted the second criminal investigation as well.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office was asked by the Lane County District Attorney’s Office to review the second criminal complaint to avoid any conflict of interest concerns.

On March 21, 2019, Bryan Holiman submitted his official resignation effective March 22, 2019.

Written by Collaborative from TOC

Isis Homeland Destroyed

According to the White House, the last bastion of the ISIS Caliphate has been destroyed in Syria. In a war spanning more than ten years and claiming thousands of lives, displacing hundreds of thousands, ISIS has been essentially driven from the battlefield. 

Still worried about an online presence and a possible resurgence the United 
States and her allies are promising to stay vigilant. With a recent reduction of U.S. forces in Syria and talks about more reductions of forces in Iraq has some worried that Islamic extremist groups will fill the void as they did when President Obama withdrew forces from Iraq in 2009. Some say this enabled the group known as ISIS or ISIL to grow into an area roughly the size of Montana, with approximately 8 million people under its control. 

At one time ISIS controlled oil fields and pipelines and generated funds through the black market by selling oil, by some estimates as much as a million dollars a day could be made by the organization. ISIS used the money to pay for weapons and recruit soldiers to its cause, citing jihad, or religious war with Americans as a way to call fellow Muslims to fight for its cause. Recruiting online from across the world, the organization was able to recruit people from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and South Africa. Recruiting both males as fighters and females as wives of fighters in a religious call to war to establish a purely Islamic State where Sharia Law was the law of the land. 

Human rights abuses recorded by the group on Al Jazeera, and YouTube, were many, beheadings, drownings, burning alive, and throwing people off of buildings were common ways in which the group established it’s terrorist reign over the people inside its territory. 

Written by Stephan Ball

Oakridge Rumor Mill

A recent story that involves the City of Oakridge has some citizens buzzing about our writers. We do have guest writers. We can assign a writer to help author and vet stories they wish to have us publish.

The Oregon Conservatives works hard to vet stories and we take many statements via email, official documents, copies of filed complaints, recorded phone calls just to name a few. We can assure you that our collaborative is not the intent to withhold writers names but include that many writers in some situations have contributed to the piece.

The contributors have asked that the stories be listed this way, and we honor it. In our opinion it changes nothing to the validity of the piece to have authors listed this way. We also can attest to Authors we have that have not participated in the piece.

As rumors are in small towns when you have citizens saying “I was told” or “I know”, its often not the case. Good news travels slow and gossip flows quickly, just the nature of very bored people. We can promise that we did not have a Oakridge Resident contribute to writing “Oakridge says out with the old, and in with the new”, or “Where does the liability lie” articles.

Any implication that we have writers that are related by marriage or blood is simply a lie. We have writers from all over Oregon who have written for another paper before and have references. We have background checks on writers, and never have we found this to be the case. This is from the mind of a creative imagination, but untrue statement.

The Oregon Conservative has only on occasion asked citizens to confirm spelling of names, since these sometimes can be incorrect if gotten from statements made in a phone call to us. When we have allowed a writer from the area to an article we have listed that individual writers name as they wish it to appear.

We would encourage our readers to consider these small town issues hit hard to some individuals, and may inspire the gossip. Not every online Newspaper is for you, you don’t have to read it. This is not and will not be the last time opinions have been negative especially when our title is Conservative. This alone makes us a target from many.

~The Oregon Conservative

Conservatives take new stance on Pot.

In 2018, polls showed support across the United States for legalizing marijuana was at 61%. This was up from 57% at the end of 2016. Among Conservatives, it is at 54%, the first time any poll has had more than half of all conservative voters supporting legalization. Democrats have been in favor of legalization since the 1970s. 

With at least 10 states now having legal marijuana in one form or another, and another 30 having some form of medical marijuana usage, the trend is toward overall legalization. President Trump is in favor of legalization as is every Democrat who has declared for the 2020 race as of yet. 

Marijuana is regarded as being much less dangerous for you than alcohol and alcohol use is legal for persons over the age of 21 in every state. With 80,000 persons dying per year from alcohol-related illnesses of disease, marijuana has a steep hill to climb if it is to be more unhealthy for us than that. 

Marijuana is listed as the secondary cause in many traffic accidents, especially bicycle and pedestrian incidents. DUII’s can still be issued to persons under the influence of THC when operating a vehicle. Usually, this requires the secondary usage of a Drug Recognition Expert after the initial officer finds probable cause that the driver is impaired and has what is called a “low blow.” Basically a “low blow,” is when the amount indicated on the instruments the officers use to check the blood alcohol content is not consistent with what they saw during their Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. A Drug Recognition Officer is a specially trained officer that does additional medical and performance tests to determine what other intoxicants the person may or may not be on besides alcohol.  

One safe rule is that if you smoke marijuana or drink alcohol, do not drive a motor vehicle. 

Written by Stephan Ball

Oakridge says out with the old and in with the new and hire new Law firm.

City of Oakridge looking to seek new city attorney to replace one they lacked confidence in has a new team. City of Oakridge Councilors vote to hire new city Attorney Leahy Cox LLP. It is unclear if they will review controversial issues that prompted the Attorney switch in the first place. It seemed that without a leading CA the City of Oakridge Staff and Fire Department were completely rogue. One issue that faced the city recently was a city employee who filed a complaint with the Oregon State Bar. This city employee seemed to be going completely rogue. The city employee filed a complaint listing the City of Oakridge which was revealed at a recent Oakridge City Council meeting to have done so without consent or appropriate approval from the city itself. The new city Attorney laid out that the City of Oakridge employee did so without their permission and the City as an entity wished to remove itself from any such complaint.

Recently at Oakridge City Council meetings the newly elected Mayor Kathy Holston Nichols allowed this same staff member to call a point of order for a motion terminating the contract with controversial contract with Mike Hansen LLC. The LLC is connected to ethics violations from former City Administrator Louis Gomez who was hired to work for the LLC after renewing its contract for more money. The city employee who brought the Point of Order also works for Hansen LLC, according to the Oakridge City Charter is a public official but is “personnel and not under the supervision of council.” and is also not subject to direction from the City Council, but only by the City Admin. Allowing the Point of Order from a citizen is not allowed according to the Mayor. Allowing the Point of Order Kathy Holston Nichols violated the Oakridge City Charter. When asked for a comment the Mayor said simply “I will do whatever I want”. When asked if this could this be a matter a lawsuit could correct, she said “sue me, do what you need to”.

Many Citizens held out hope that the Mayor could work with the Interim City Administrator Philip Messina to help correct the many ethics violations and corruption that has tarnished the City of Oakridge. This has not been the case. In many situations, the City of Oakridge has faced more controversy. Two parents recently brought an unconscious baby to the Fire Department and no one was available from the staff to even answer the door. The emergency 911 button even failed several times. It seems every person in charge at the City of Oakridge is failing its citizens and it does not seem to have an end. The Oakridge City Charter is not a very in depth document but is a legal document for how the City of Oakridge is ran. It is unclear if Leahy and Cox have acknowledged this refusal to obey the legal document by the City of Oakridge Mayor. We will update this story as it unfolds.

Written by collaborative from TOC

Where does the Liability lie? City of Oakridge Oregon still facing issues in local government.

The City of Oakridge Oregon is the most recent small city struggling with governmental issues. The most recent City of Oakridge council meeting seemed to outline one major issue is rogue employee’s. City of Oakridge HR staff filed a complaint on an Oakridge Citizen with the Oregon State Bar implicating the City was behind the complaint. The new City of Oakridge Attorney made a statement that in no way does the city wish to be linked to the complaint, the implication of the complaint being from the City of Oakridge was done falsely. Will this land the HR in hot water?

From a terminated City Administrator Louis Gomez still embroiled in ethics violations continued to be investigated by DOJ, to the newest controversy the Interim City Administrator Philip Messina leaving abruptly with no notice. Oakridge seems to almost be having continuous city council meetings according to video recordings on Facebook and Youtube trying to fix the issue there seems to be people in play delaying any progress to move the city forward, including the Mayor.

It was unusual to find that Oakridge Chat Forum Facebook page is always the choice to host the live version instead of the other popular Oakridge Facebook page titled Oakridge Politics which would seem more appropriate. But, citizens cleared this up with this explanation: Chrissy Hollett owns the Facebook page, she is an Oakridge City Councilor and a friend of Melissa Bjarnson. The two worked together volunteering for the Oakridge Fire Department. Oakridge citizen Melissa Bjarnson usually does the live feed to the Oakridge Chat Forum. Hollett an Oakridge City Councilor uses the page for posting items like the City Council agenda and other information that involves the City of Oakridge.

Although it is not her official councilor page we learned from League of Oregon Cities this may not clear Mrs. Hollett of ethics issues or liability as a City of Oakridge Official. After reaching out to Mrs. Hollett who created this Facebook page, she would not disclose the number of Facebook pages she owns. Some citizens claim however its as many as 20. Many think that for a busy mother of three monitoring 20 Facebook pages properly is simply an impossible task. Hollett also chose not to comment about getting help to monitor the pages from outside sources.

Chrissy Hollett has been vocal about her termination as a volunteer at the Fire Department by contract employee Mike V Hansen LLC. Hollett even providing a letter from City of Oakridge Police Sergeant which seemed to support Chrissy’s claim the investigation found no reason for her termination. This letter came under scrutiny because the letter was actually originally an email sent to a friend of Hollett. Hollett gained access to the email and enhanced it with the Official City of Oakridge Letterhead as if to imply she had the support of Police Sergeant officially. Hansen was the only employee of the LLC at the time puts himself in as the newest Fire Chief. Hansen having his own issues uncovered by wife of Retired Oakridge Police Officer that Hansen has a DUII and was hired anyway, some would say hired by Gomez as a contract employee to avoid council scrutiny. It is also possible this was done to commit fraud with Oregon PERS. PERS did contact unknowingly another Hansen LLC employee when calling Oakridge City Hall to verify complaints from Hollett to PERS.

Hansen LLC was hired by City Admin Louis Gomez. Louis Gomez then finds himself hired by the LLC as a Private Investigator. Louis is former Chief of Police, and a Reserve Police Officer for the City of Oakridge at the time, and had the experience required for PI license. After working for the LLC he then signs a new contract for more pay to the LLC which is where the DOJ finds the investigation. The only other employee that we could uncover is Susan LaDuke. As Oakridge City Hall office manager she also holds a position as HR, City Recorder, Finance Director among the many. As HR she looked into employee complaints. She then used this task to investigate complaints from Chrissy Hollett. Complaints then turn from Chrissy to become complaints on Chrissy. Investigated by HR who also works for the LLC it is a clear conflict of interest. The LLC then hires HR to also perform financial duties for the LLC. Oakridge HR was also Lane County Elections official until she resigned recently. Ms. LaDuke then uses her investigations of employee complaints under Louis Gomez to become a PI for Mike Hansen LLC. Bringing many more complaints and ethics questions. Many citizen complaints lead you to believe that the LLC and HR are also involved in a more intimate relationship which no one can confirm. However, the HR is now renting a small home owned by any other than Louis Gomez with many in the City of Oakridge residents calling this the “trifecta”.

Suffering in this all is the citizens. With a budget that they cannot seem to maintain, payouts like payoffs leaving the City of Oakridge budget suffering a loss of funds they are not currently able to make up. Many citizens I spoke with desperate to end to corruption. They just can’t seem to get anyone in place that has ethics at the forefront of their priority. Recent election places all but one new council members on Oakridge City Council. Kathy Holston moved to Mayor position leaving an open seat for citizens to apply for. Even that has its own controversy. Oakridge City Council wastes no time hiring an interim City Admin Phil Messina.

Many believed he could help fix some issues with staff at the Oakridge City Hall. One city hall employee recently posted private personnel documents on her own Facebook page that involve more the 10 former employees. This issue was never addressed by Mesinna, Mayor or Council. Instead, Messina seemed to let the staff at Oakridge City Hall carry the majority of the workload. Staff seemed to be out of control, which we find more about later. Not one issue was resolved. Citizens desperately hoped he could shed some light on the corruption and help fix many issues with the Fire Department that recently exploded with an awful situation for parents who rushed an unconscious baby to the Fire Department and no one was there to provide EMS services or transportation.

This was not the first issue with the Fire Department. The first issue came to light was the termination of Chrissy Hollett. Hollett’s Husband works for the Fire Department. He himself found himself a victim of the new LLC. Hansen at one time seems to target the employee. They terminated many highly experienced volunteers who have been very vocal about the corruption and lack of ethics within the Fire Department. Many residents see this as retaliation on volunteers. Professionals I spoke with said it looks as if the sole purpose of the LLC was to bring the Fire Department to the limits and make it seem unsuccessful to bring on the privatization of the Fire Department and Ambulance service. Sometimes in order to even suggest privatization, they must prove that the Department is a failure on its own merit.

Mrs. Hollett now a newly elected Oakridge City Council member, owns as many 20 owned Facebook pages. With an already broken city, many citizens seem to be turning on each other. I have recently seen many disparaging comments from citizens directed to other citizens bring up who holds the liability issue? Does the City of Oakridge hold any liability since the owner is also a city official? Does the liability lie with just the author of the comments? Does a city councilor have an ethical liability? Does the liability lie with Mrs. Hollett for creating the venue for comments, name calling, and other forms of online harassment?

I reached out to Mrs. Hollett for comment and she said she has allowed comments and name calling even though some are about herself, admitting that only on occasion does she remove comments. She also stated she didn’t like to ban anyone. A simple search of the page using one profane word brought pages of comments on the Oakridge Chat Forum page. When I showed Mrs. Hollett she says she simply cannot monitor 24/7. I asked Mrs. Hollett again how many pages she created and she wished not to answer. I then asked if she had ever asked for admin help monitoring the page? She never answered, so I can only assume the answer is no. I also brought to her attention that the “about page” list what the page is for and what is not allowed. It says “Our hopes are that this group can be a good place for information sharing, open dialog. We will not tolerate bullying, name calling, personal attacks or just plain immature behavior. We encourage people to be respectful to one another, however, be cautious if you’re thin skinned”. Skimming through the page however it does seem to tolerate name calling.

Many situations of bullying seem to still exist on the page. It seems as if only a handful of citizens do not follow the “about page” outlined rules. So with a city facing so many corruption issues how is it that an Oakridge City Council member allows derogatory behavior on a venue she created? Certainly, this cannot be okay with the Oakridge City Council? Certainly, this is not okay with the city admin? When I asked not one person said they ever addressed online harassment, the embarrassment of citizens on councilors created Facebook page. Comments such as “thief, scumbag, and profanity” among many still exist on the page.

After writing this article a newly appointed City Administrator has been placed. League of Oregon Cities has helped place Marsha Miller as the new City Admin as a fill-in until Oakridge City Council can fill the vacancy. The citizens are all anxiously waiting to see if any changes come. Will the Oakridge Admin address issues with City Hall employees? Will she address the councilor ran Chat Forum as a venue for citizens attacking citizens? Will they continue to put citizens at risk with the LLC in place? Stay tuned, we will update our story as soon as we know.

Written by a collaborate of TOC.

Does Islam love America?

Well, the US and the Islamic Religion have a long history together, from the time Thomas Jefferson failed to pay tribute to the pirates of the Barbary Coast all the way to the most recent anti-semitic remarks by Rep. Omar, Muslims and America do not truly seem to see eye to eye. 

 Sharia Law according to the Muslim text cannot be forced upon the unwilling but should be allowed to be practiced in the United States by the willing religious groups and communities who wish it to be installed. This was in an article from the Huffington Post, indicating they condoned that there be two separate sets of laws for Americans, one for those who wish to practice Sharia and one for those who do not. What happens when Sharia law calls for the stoning to death of a woman for adultery or for the severing of a hand for theft? 

 Do we as Americans allow this, do we allow a voluntary suspension of the bill of rights for these people because they are willing participants in Sharia? No, we do not, America guarantees all citizens the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unless the due process is used to legally deprive a person of that. The Qur’an makes it clear that a society can only function properly when the application of the law is voluntarily agreed, the problem is that Sharia law calls for punishments and applications of it’s laws that are violations of the Constitutional Rights of everyday Americans. There have been calls to ban Sharia Law in the United States, Answering that is easy, Sharia is already banned in the United States, at least the parts of Sharia Law that are in violation of U.S. law at least for now are illegal. 

 In New York City there are Muslim Community Patrols that have started, In Feb. 2019 the New York Times wrote an article about the organization which patrols neighborhoods acting as translators and an extra pair of eyes for the police. Some Muslims feel that the MCM reports any suspicious Sharia law violations back to their Mosques, though that has not yet been confirmed. 

 Islamic terror has been responsible for more homicides in the United States over the last 20 years than any other organization. So many people are hesitant to whether Islam and America can live together peacefully. There are many peaceful Muslims in the US, With an estimated 3.4 million living in the U.S. Islam is the third leading religion in the US following Christianity and Judaism, but just 1.1% of the populace of the United States in Muslim. Sharia law is usually not imposed or offered to be imposed in countries with less than 65% of a Muslim population. 

 The first country to recognize the United States as an independent county was Morrocco, which is a Muslim country. We have been at war for almost 20 years in two Muslim countries with more than thousands of dead and hundreds of thousands wounded in both wars. It is hard to believe that peace can be had for our country and Islam, given our long history with them, well it is not just us, it is pretty much all of Europe and most of Asia having had conflict after countless conflicts. While Christianity is no “saint” with the list of atrocities throughout history, it would appear that at least most other religions of the world have seemed to modernize with the times to accommodate, if Islam can then it will survive, if not then it will be war after war. 

 Progressives have seemingly have become the puppets of Islam, scared of them. If you look at the San Berdandino shooting in 2015, and it’s aftermath, the first people allowed to talk to the American people about the attack was an organization called CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) came out and said that the U.S. was partially the blame for the shooting, and they are known supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, another organization with strong ties to terror throughout the world. CAIR was an unindicted funder of Hamas, a known terror organization, and CAIR is listed as a terror organization by our allies the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. CAIR states “it does not donate to political campaigns.” When I spoke with CAIR they told me” they are a non-profit and do not make a political contribution of any kind.”  

Electing Barrack Obama in 2008 was a mistake for the purposes of trying to have Islam and America get along, Barrack Obama grew up in Indonesia and was once a Muslim according to his own words, Barrack Obama even attended Catholic School and claims to have been a Christian.

 It was through Obama’s State Department that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, weapons were sold to Libyan Rebels and the overthrow of Qadafi took place, it was also during this time that Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed during the Benghazi attack.

In 2010 Barrack Obama said the U.S. Should support the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s role in Egypt and the middle east, sources say that the CIA and many in Obama camp were working with the Muslim Brotherhood for regime changes throughout the middle east. 

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 as a group of assassins to practice the art of death. It operates under the guise of doing charity and good works when in all actuality almost all Islamic Terror groups are founded by members who found their roots there. The Muslim Brotherhood as a motto” Allah is our goal; The Prophet is our Leader; The Qur’an is our Constitution; Jihad is our War; Death in the Service of Allah is the loftiest of our wishes; Allah is Great, Allah is Great.” During WWII the Muslim Brotherhood worked with the Nazi SS killing Jews and Russians throughout the war. Some people in the Trump cabinet are saying that Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood was treasonous, a strong word.

 CAIR is said to be an organization to assist in the assimilation of Islam into American Culture and for Americans to understand Islam, one source thinks that CAIR is doing what is called “Civilization Jihad.” Capturing the U.S. from within and conducting a war inside of the U.S. using its laws and freedoms against it, in order to eventually bring about a Sharia law in accordance with the Qu’ran. Instead of respecting our Constitution, instead of respecting the freedom of every religion here, they want a Muslim America. 

Written By B Probert