Does Islam love America?

Well, the US and the Islamic Religion have a long history together, from the time Thomas Jefferson failed to pay tribute to the pirates of the Barbary Coast all the way to the most recent anti-semitic remarks by Rep. Omar, Muslims and America do not truly seem to see eye to eye. 

 Sharia Law according to the Muslim text cannot be forced upon the unwilling but should be allowed to be practiced in the United States by the willing religious groups and communities who wish it to be installed. This was in an article from the Huffington Post, indicating they condoned that there be two separate sets of laws for Americans, one for those who wish to practice Sharia and one for those who do not. What happens when Sharia law calls for the stoning to death of a woman for adultery or for the severing of a hand for theft? 

 Do we as Americans allow this, do we allow a voluntary suspension of the bill of rights for these people because they are willing participants in Sharia? No, we do not, America guarantees all citizens the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unless the due process is used to legally deprive a person of that. The Qur’an makes it clear that a society can only function properly when the application of the law is voluntarily agreed, the problem is that Sharia law calls for punishments and applications of it’s laws that are violations of the Constitutional Rights of everyday Americans. There have been calls to ban Sharia Law in the United States, Answering that is easy, Sharia is already banned in the United States, at least the parts of Sharia Law that are in violation of U.S. law at least for now are illegal. 

 In New York City there are Muslim Community Patrols that have started, In Feb. 2019 the New York Times wrote an article about the organization which patrols neighborhoods acting as translators and an extra pair of eyes for the police. Some Muslims feel that the MCM reports any suspicious Sharia law violations back to their Mosques, though that has not yet been confirmed. 

 Islamic terror has been responsible for more homicides in the United States over the last 20 years than any other organization. So many people are hesitant to whether Islam and America can live together peacefully. There are many peaceful Muslims in the US, With an estimated 3.4 million living in the U.S. Islam is the third leading religion in the US following Christianity and Judaism, but just 1.1% of the populace of the United States in Muslim. Sharia law is usually not imposed or offered to be imposed in countries with less than 65% of a Muslim population. 

 The first country to recognize the United States as an independent county was Morrocco, which is a Muslim country. We have been at war for almost 20 years in two Muslim countries with more than thousands of dead and hundreds of thousands wounded in both wars. It is hard to believe that peace can be had for our country and Islam, given our long history with them, well it is not just us, it is pretty much all of Europe and most of Asia having had conflict after countless conflicts. While Christianity is no “saint” with the list of atrocities throughout history, it would appear that at least most other religions of the world have seemed to modernize with the times to accommodate, if Islam can then it will survive, if not then it will be war after war. 

 Progressives have seemingly have become the puppets of Islam, scared of them. If you look at the San Berdandino shooting in 2015, and it’s aftermath, the first people allowed to talk to the American people about the attack was an organization called CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) came out and said that the U.S. was partially the blame for the shooting, and they are known supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, another organization with strong ties to terror throughout the world. CAIR was an unindicted funder of Hamas, a known terror organization, and CAIR is listed as a terror organization by our allies the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. CAIR states “it does not donate to political campaigns.” When I spoke with CAIR they told me” they are a non-profit and do not make a political contribution of any kind.”  

Electing Barrack Obama in 2008 was a mistake for the purposes of trying to have Islam and America get along, Barrack Obama grew up in Indonesia and was once a Muslim according to his own words, Barrack Obama even attended Catholic School and claims to have been a Christian.

 It was through Obama’s State Department that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, weapons were sold to Libyan Rebels and the overthrow of Qadafi took place, it was also during this time that Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed during the Benghazi attack.

In 2010 Barrack Obama said the U.S. Should support the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s role in Egypt and the middle east, sources say that the CIA and many in Obama camp were working with the Muslim Brotherhood for regime changes throughout the middle east. 

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 as a group of assassins to practice the art of death. It operates under the guise of doing charity and good works when in all actuality almost all Islamic Terror groups are founded by members who found their roots there. The Muslim Brotherhood as a motto” Allah is our goal; The Prophet is our Leader; The Qur’an is our Constitution; Jihad is our War; Death in the Service of Allah is the loftiest of our wishes; Allah is Great, Allah is Great.” During WWII the Muslim Brotherhood worked with the Nazi SS killing Jews and Russians throughout the war. Some people in the Trump cabinet are saying that Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood was treasonous, a strong word.

 CAIR is said to be an organization to assist in the assimilation of Islam into American Culture and for Americans to understand Islam, one source thinks that CAIR is doing what is called “Civilization Jihad.” Capturing the U.S. from within and conducting a war inside of the U.S. using its laws and freedoms against it, in order to eventually bring about a Sharia law in accordance with the Qu’ran. Instead of respecting our Constitution, instead of respecting the freedom of every religion here, they want a Muslim America. 

Written By B Probert

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