Conservatives take new stance on Pot.

In 2018, polls showed support across the United States for legalizing marijuana was at 61%. This was up from 57% at the end of 2016. Among Conservatives, it is at 54%, the first time any poll has had more than half of all conservative voters supporting legalization. Democrats have been in favor of legalization since the 1970s. 

With at least 10 states now having legal marijuana in one form or another, and another 30 having some form of medical marijuana usage, the trend is toward overall legalization. President Trump is in favor of legalization as is every Democrat who has declared for the 2020 race as of yet. 

Marijuana is regarded as being much less dangerous for you than alcohol and alcohol use is legal for persons over the age of 21 in every state. With 80,000 persons dying per year from alcohol-related illnesses of disease, marijuana has a steep hill to climb if it is to be more unhealthy for us than that. 

Marijuana is listed as the secondary cause in many traffic accidents, especially bicycle and pedestrian incidents. DUII’s can still be issued to persons under the influence of THC when operating a vehicle. Usually, this requires the secondary usage of a Drug Recognition Expert after the initial officer finds probable cause that the driver is impaired and has what is called a “low blow.” Basically a “low blow,” is when the amount indicated on the instruments the officers use to check the blood alcohol content is not consistent with what they saw during their Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. A Drug Recognition Officer is a specially trained officer that does additional medical and performance tests to determine what other intoxicants the person may or may not be on besides alcohol.  

One safe rule is that if you smoke marijuana or drink alcohol, do not drive a motor vehicle. 

Written by Stephan Ball

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