Isis Homeland Destroyed

According to the White House, the last bastion of the ISIS Caliphate has been destroyed in Syria. In a war spanning more than ten years and claiming thousands of lives, displacing hundreds of thousands, ISIS has been essentially driven from the battlefield. 

Still worried about an online presence and a possible resurgence the United 
States and her allies are promising to stay vigilant. With a recent reduction of U.S. forces in Syria and talks about more reductions of forces in Iraq has some worried that Islamic extremist groups will fill the void as they did when President Obama withdrew forces from Iraq in 2009. Some say this enabled the group known as ISIS or ISIL to grow into an area roughly the size of Montana, with approximately 8 million people under its control. 

At one time ISIS controlled oil fields and pipelines and generated funds through the black market by selling oil, by some estimates as much as a million dollars a day could be made by the organization. ISIS used the money to pay for weapons and recruit soldiers to its cause, citing jihad, or religious war with Americans as a way to call fellow Muslims to fight for its cause. Recruiting online from across the world, the organization was able to recruit people from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and South Africa. Recruiting both males as fighters and females as wives of fighters in a religious call to war to establish a purely Islamic State where Sharia Law was the law of the land. 

Human rights abuses recorded by the group on Al Jazeera, and YouTube, were many, beheadings, drownings, burning alive, and throwing people off of buildings were common ways in which the group established it’s terrorist reign over the people inside its territory. 

Written by Stephan Ball

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