Mueller investigation concludes

Today Robert Muller has concluded his mandated investigation and handed the findings over to William Barr, The Attorney General of the United States. Barr will prepare a summary of the investigation to send to Congress, and perhaps release the investigation to the public. 

Williams Barr said, ” he was committed to transparency in the investigation.” Which began shortly after the 2016 election, in response to the firing of James Comey. Many speculate this was the “insurance policy” Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe talked about in their office. Page testified that it was indeed the “insurance policy” they were eluding too, but others involved in the conversation have denied that. Andrew McCabe has said that Rod Rosenstein volunteered to wear a wire to talk with President Trump in an attempt to get evidence of the Obstruction of Justice on the President.

A charge Rod Rosenstein vehemently denies, saying that he was instead joking about wearing a wire. During the investigation charges against numerous Trump campaign officials surfaced, none of which took place during the campaign or had any connection to The President as of yet.

The investigation often times turned toward the left, and those avenues looked as if they had not been pursued since the mandate looked for Russian-Trump collusion any other Russian collusion like that of the Clinton campaign looks like to be ignored. It looks as if Mueller created as many questions as he solved during his investigation. 

Written by Shaemus O’Grady

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