Oakridge Rumor Mill

A recent story that involves the City of Oakridge has some citizens buzzing about our writers. We do have guest writers. We can assign a writer to help author and vet stories they wish to have us publish.

The Oregon Conservatives works hard to vet stories and we take many statements via email, official documents, copies of filed complaints, recorded phone calls just to name a few. We can assure you that our collaborative is not the intent to withhold writers names but include that many writers in some situations have contributed to the piece.

The contributors have asked that the stories be listed this way, and we honor it. In our opinion it changes nothing to the validity of the piece to have authors listed this way. We also can attest to Authors we have that have not participated in the piece.

As rumors are in small towns when you have citizens saying “I was told” or “I know”, its often not the case. Good news travels slow and gossip flows quickly, just the nature of very bored people. We can promise that we did not have a Oakridge Resident contribute to writing “Oakridge says out with the old, and in with the new”, or “Where does the liability lie” articles.

Any implication that we have writers that are related by marriage or blood is simply a lie. We have writers from all over Oregon who have written for another paper before and have references. We have background checks on writers, and never have we found this to be the case. This is from the mind of a creative imagination, but untrue statement.

The Oregon Conservative has only on occasion asked citizens to confirm spelling of names, since these sometimes can be incorrect if gotten from statements made in a phone call to us. When we have allowed a writer from the area to an article we have listed that individual writers name as they wish it to appear.

We would encourage our readers to consider these small town issues hit hard to some individuals, and may inspire the gossip. Not every online Newspaper is for you, you don’t have to read it. This is not and will not be the last time opinions have been negative especially when our title is Conservative. This alone makes us a target from many.

~The Oregon Conservative

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