Oakridge on a path to healing

Mayor Holston swearing in.

With a petition delivered to Oakridge City Council by Mellisa Bjarnson Oakridge Mayor Kathy Holston questioned the validity of the actual number of Oakridge citizens among the more than 500 online signatures. Citizens were past the point of losing faith that anyone within the City of Oakridge would help them with the lack of Emergency Services leadership that plagued the town for more than a year.

Emergency Service failing the city on several occasions prompts the City of Oakridge to attempt to relieve itself of a simple contract with Mike Hansen LLC when a City of Oakridge employee who is duel employed with Mike Hansen LLC stopped the council with a point of order. The Mayor honored the point of order setting a new precedents for the city. The City has no history with allowing point of order from non board members or non city officials.

Finally Councilor Maxfield making the motion 4-18-2019 Councilor Hadley seconded the motion to have Interim City Administrator to negotiate the ending of Mike Hansen LLC contract. The council then sits eerily silent when Mayor Holston asks for discussion. The Mayor then begins with thanking new Attorneys for answers to councils questions but goes on to expressed disappointment of her citizens saying she was disappointed by citizens response to this, that they split themselves apart with evil intent in her opinion.

The citizen response to failures has been an ongoing battle for more than a year. So it’s no wonder the citizens would become so extremely vocal and frustrated with lack of movement on the issue. Oakridge City Council already had one Attorney group look at the issue, and waited again to hear from new Attorney Group Leahy Cox.

The frustration only continued when the LLC in control of the Fire Department let go of 15% of it’s highly trained volunteers with good certifications. Almost an unprecedented move since all Oregon small towns suffer from lack of volunteers. wrote an article about another Oregon town that suffered a huge loss of Fire Department volunteers that almost mimicked the exact statements from former Oakridge Fire volunteers like “toxic work environment, badmouthing of volunteers, and retribution for speaking out”. However in the Malin Department the volunteers resigned and told Malin City Council they would only return when Chief Virgil Jochim was replaced.

Oakridge  Council pulled together with only two City of Oakridge councilors voting to keep the failing system in place. Councilor Bobbie Whitney who has a brother who works for the City of Oakridge and a relative with another city employee voted nay. The second Oakridge councilor Stan Barenboim who Oakridge residents say almost never utters a word at meetings and public work sessions. One citizen noted he nodded off at recently held Council Retreat held at Oakridge Greenwaters building. This all day event was attended by citizens of Oakridge as well as City Council and Mayor.

It is no secret that citizens have been unhappy about wrongful terminations, failing to have ready EMT’s or Ambulance Service on occasions and a non working 911 call button to list few disappointing failures. The Mayor had denied to citizens that she was given, even if only verbally, a resignation from Mike Hansen LLC, if she had the opportunity to do so and did not is still unclear.

We reached out to the current Oakridge City Administrator on April 1st 2019 about Mayor Holston’s denial and she never returned our email. It is unknown if the Oakridge City Administrator or the new Attorney group Leahy Cox is aware of Mayor Holston’s actions, or the legality of them. Citizens shocked and dismayed at Mayor damaging comments of her own citizens. The evil intent citizens say comes from councilors that continue to support the failing system and risked citizens lives. Recently parents to a 18 month old child unconscious found out the hard way that no Ambulance or ready EMT’s could be found at the Oakridge Fire station even the 911 call button for emergencies was non functioning.

Even though Mayor Holston slammed the citizens as a group she still managed to vote to negotiate ending the Mike Hansen LLC contract for Fire and Ambulance Service in Oakridge. Mayor Holston breaking down to tears but also taking no responsibility as Mayor for the failing department. Mayor Holston was a councilor when the city realized the LLC was no longer not working but actually failing to perform basic duties for the City of Oakridge. Many citizens we spoke with believe the corruption still lingers at Oakridge City Hall and for the city to truly move on this is something Oakridge City Council and the CA must address.

Finding every citizen we could speak with on a busy Friday in Oakridge all of them in agreement this was the first big move to restore peace in the community but much more about safety to citizens than any other perk to this move. All saying they have been praying to bringing back terminated volunteers. Glad that councilors put citizens first, worried about the two hold outs and their intent with the City of Oakridge.

Citizens now discussing the dire financial situation facing the City of Oakridge. Naming retired citizens that still hold certifications in highly skilled fields that could volunteer time to some key paid positions to help elevate the huge financial budget burden that already loomed this small town. And hopeful to bring back the much needed non paid volunteers for the Fire Department. With highly skilled and certified volunteers picking up normally paid positions they might actually be able to pull it off without bankruptcy.

A haven for weekend tourist I myself am now drawn here. From the full lakes and outdoor paradise to the food I see so many positive things about Oakridge including the citizens. A diverse group of passionate people wanting the very best safe place to retire, work, raise families, do art, etc.. I see a city that needs a leap of faith. This move does seem to have a calming effect on citizen said many patrons of Stewart’s 58 diner. As I sit here and talk with folks I definitely will come back here, as I beg my editor to do a story just on the breakfast burrito alone. It’s a must have for anyone passing through! The Locals also wanting me to include that they hold an annual Tree Planting Festival that will occur this year May 3rd – May 5th so everyone can come and support this small friendly town nestled in the foothills of the Western Cascade Mountains.

Written by Marie

The all new WW

The hottest diet trend is and old name with a new look. According to National Statistics Weight Watchers is the number one growing diet trend. Weight Watchers has been around for a long time re-branding itself with WW as its new name face. Celebrity endorsements like Oprah, DJ Khaled, Jessica Simpson, Tina Fey, and Kate Hudson.

People really can relate to how weight is a struggle for all kinds of people. WW has a calculation for how many points per day each participant should get. I will link how to find yours at the end. WW offers an app. The app allows users to scan bar code of your favorite foods to see the nutritional value and you guessed it points. The app also allows you to type in the name of foods and find the value. The best part of the app is Fast Food. Yes, you can look up your fast food restaurant on the go and see what points each item is. You can track breakfast lunch dinner snacks for each day and can roll over points. The app allows you to communicate will other WW customers for support, ideas, suggestions, and recipes.

The idea seems to easy and too good to be true so this writer started. I purchased a 3 month WW program for about $4.00 a week. And you have access to a WW coach. Less than a coffee from a big coffee shop what do I have to lose but weight right? Anyone can commit for 3 months, right?

The The new WW also released a 200 list. Food in WW world all has a point value. The 200 list is kind of the holy grail of WW. Though it really doesn’t seem like a diet, I’ll explain later. 200 list is zero point foods and items. Yes, free. They don’t cost you your daily points. So, there is literally no reason to ever feel hungry. Which is the reason most dieters give for the reason for failure. Some of the items that I love on the 200 list is boneless skinless chicken breast, eggs, no sugar added fruit, well fruit in general.

Now back to the it doesn’t feel like a diet. On WW I have had burger n fries. I can have fast food breakfast. You don’t have to cut bread or pancakes, you just make or buy WW approved ones. It definitely doesn’t feel like your restricted. I have found that almost every bad food choice has an WW approved alternative. Now if you grab that burger you know how many points that is and you can adjust your other meals to stay within your daily limit. Holding you accountable for your food choices.

Starting on 3-6-19 aka WW start date I am happy to say I’m -25 lbs. It works. Pinterest shares many many WW approved recipes and go to favorites. It shares things like how you can have a banana split for 2 pts. Or Alfredo sauce that rocks and helps you eat your way thin. Yep, it can be done.

I now have some staples in my home for sweet tooth days and comfort food nights that don’t ruin my program success.

I put my top ten must haves for everyone who may want to try WW:

1) Condiments (LowFat Mayo, fat free or low fat ranch, thousand island, italian salad dressings, PB2 peanut butter and PB Chocolate option)

2) Halo Ice Cream ( chocolate peanut butter is my fav)

  1. Sugar free everything. I have smuckers sugar free caramel, smuckers sugar free strawberry, Hershey’s sugar free chocolate syrup, Pillsbury chocolate cake, brownie and frosting.
  2. Land O Frost black forest ham or canadian bacon
  3. Fat free Cheese ( I have fat free cream cheese, shredded fat free cheddar by Kraft Lucerne fat free mozzarella)
  4. Sara Lee 45 Bread
  5. Flat Out bread
  6. Skinnymixes ( they have all kinds of drink mixes from fruity to coffee go to syrups even flavored foams)
  7. Lean Beef or Turkey or Chicken
  8. Kodiak Cakes ( pancakes waffle mix, muffins, baking mix, brownies)

Calculate your daily points here: http://www.healthyweightforum.org/eng/calculators/ww-points-allowed/

Calculate food items here: https://www.calculator.net/weight-watchers-points-calculator.html

Written by Marie

What the heck is Democratic Socialism

What is “Democratic Socialism,” and how is it different from socialism? Democratic Socialism is defined as having a socialist economy in which the means of production and wealth are socially and collectively owned, this is controlled alongside a democratically elected system of government. So literally nothing except the form of government is different, the wealth distribution through burdensome over taxation of corporations and the wealthy is done by your elected officials rather than by a dictator or some other sort of ruler. 
So don’t let the shiny name fool you, the Democratic part in front of Socialism is misleading, it misleads you to believe you will have a choice of whether you can be a socialist or not, You won’t. Bernie Sanders is running as a self-avowed Democratic Socialist, one who says he believes in the taxation of the rich at a rate of roughly 52% as opposed to the 26% they are at right now, and that is only because President Trump was able to lower taxes on all Americans, otherwise it would still be at the 37% it was prior to Trump. Why shouldn’t the rich shoulder the burdensome taxes? Well if we overtax the rich, who employ roughly 80% of Americans, they will cut jobs and costs in order to pay those taxes, thus creating a massive recession, Many of them will take their corporations overseas to countries like Ireland or Panama who have relaxed corporate tax structures, this would cost the United States billions in tax revenues. 
Bernie touts successes in Finland, Venezuela, and the Netherlands as successes of Democratic Socialism, Finland’s healthcare system if bankrupt, and they have had to resort to outside sources, due to over taxation of their wealthy, Venezuela is facing an economic collapse and starvation of its citizens, and the Netherlands have asked Bernie to stop calling them socialist, they have a strong social safety net, but a strong capitalist economy. 
For those immigrants who leave socialist countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, their quality of life and gross production rate is roughly ten percent higher inside of the US, this is a conservative estimate by the US Department of Labor. 
Socialism is the control of the economy and means of production by the government, and it has never successfully worked anywhere on the planet for an extended period of time and has a high propensity for corruption, famine, economic collapse, and war. Remember Democratic Socialism is just socialism done by your elected officials instead of a dictator. 
Written by Shaemus

Mueller report due tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Mueller Report comes out, after according to AG Barr, being only slightly redacted, MSNBC and CNN will likely dig into it for any little tidbits and grab on for all they are worth, because that is what it is to them, all they are worth. CNN had the lowest ratings last week it has had in the last five years, only 690,000 people watched nationwide during primetime. Those ratings ranked among the lowest in all the cable services, The Mark Levine show was on at 10 p.m. and had ratings of 1.2 million. 
CNN, and MSNBC placed all of their eggs in this basket, and the basket did not have any eggs in it, tomorrow they will likely try and lay a couple. They will likely look for small bits of information inside of the report and remove the information from context then highlight as some sort of proof of wrongdoing. 
One of the great things about this is that 22 Democrats already did the work for any Conservatives in this case. There is no news worth reporting inside of the report, because if no collusion was found and if no collusion was found then there certainly was no Obstruction. The President can fire the FBI director anytime her wants for anything he wants. As far as Flynn, well he should not have lied, if there was no collusion and he did not lie, he would not, nor could not have gotten in trouble, that is not on the President, or the Vice President, that is on General Flynn. 
If 22 Democrats could not find any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia then it never was there, These were people who contributed
As far as Russian Collusion not being found on the party of the Trump campaign, that is really good news, but if the Russians did not collude with Trump, then did they collude with Hillary? Certainly looks like there is a lot more evidence to suggest that might be the case. With the Steele Dossier having been generated by Russian Intelligence Assets and then provided to American Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies through Christopher Steele who was used by the FBI as a source. It does look like the FBI colluded with the Clinton and Obama campaigns and Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election and its outcome.  
The Ukraine Government sent a message to US Prosecutors indicating that they had information regarding the Clinton Campaign’s collusion, they said they had not been contacted to get the information. I think a second prosecutor should be appointed to seek out the collusion of the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration, and their ties with Russia and Ukraine. I believe AG Barr is working on that as I write this article.
Written by Stephan Ball

The many lies of Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar claimed she was the first refugee to serve in US Congress. The fact is that is a lie, its not Ilhan’s first lie and certainly isn’t the last in this article.

Records show that the late Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif., a Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor who made human rights a hallmark of his leadership on the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee.

Former Sen. Rudy Boschwitz, R-Minn., who as a toddler fled Nazi Germany with his family for the United States and who also has played a prominent role in human rights advocacy.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., just retired, who is of Jewish descent, arrived in Florida as a child of a family fleeing Cuba.

Rep. Joseph Cao, R-La., the first Vietnamese American elected to Congress, served one term (2009-2011).

Former Republican Florida Rep. Lincoln Díaz-Balart, also born in Cuba to a family who fled after Fidel Castro seized power.

In a video clip Ilhan claims “Some people did some things”. Nothing like making light of the 2,996 people who lost their lives and more than 6000 men women and children injured by members of Ilhans Muslim Religion. Even since the 2001 event 9/11 related deaths climbed to 2000 and 10,000 people to reported to have cancer related to the event mostly to include Emergency Services workers.

Ilhan also clamed in this video that because of 9/11 event backlash Muslims created CAIR to preserve their rights. First lie was that it was created after the September 11, 2001 event. CAIR was actually created in 1994, 7 years before the 2001 terroist event.

CAIR was listed as a terrorist group in November 2014 CAIR was designated a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

In order to defraud immigration and get status Ilhan married her biological brother. She married her brother to allow them both to attend US College together. Many claim the both received Federal Funding while potentially defrauding Government funds. She also lied about her time in college.

This isn’t the only thing Omar has lied about with regards to her time at NDSU. In an interview in which she was laughing about Islamic terrorism, Omar claimed that her terrorism professor at NDSU was a CNN commentator. Further investigation proves that was a lie, and her professor has never been on CNN, as reported by Laura Loomer

Ilhan also promotes voter fraud and no id required to do so.




Written by Marie

Black Conservatives on the rise

With people like Candace Owens and Stacey Dash as newcomers, the movement in today’s black conservative political climate is one of danger and intrigue. With the lefts constant calls of racism for members of conservative movements, they still do it when the members of those movements are black. Many famous black conservatives have moved through American politics. The first black Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, a staunch conservative, Colin Powell, the first black to serve as the National Security Advisor is also a conservative. Black people usually support Democrats overwhelmingly in elections, but recently those numbers have begun to slip, President Trump won approximately 28% of the black vote in 2016, and is expected to do even better in 2020. 

While in 2008 the Democrats elected the first black man to be President of the United States in Barrack Obama, many in the Black community feel betrayed by that they voted for him because he was black and that they felt as if he would do something for the black communities. Stacey Dash, says ” most of us felt blacked into voting for him,” going on to say that pressures were put on them by their black friends and family to elect Obama based upon the fact that he was black rather than the fact that he was qualified to do the job or would, in fact, help the black communities. 

Clarence Thomas is a conservative justice to the Supreme Court of the United States and he is black, the first black person to every serve upon the court, appointed by a Conservative and he himself a conservative. 

Most black conservatives tend to view differences in the progressive left with the conservative right as the pursuit of educational and professional excellence as a means of advancement through society, instead of reparations for ancestral slavery as the left believes. They also believe in policies that promote safety and security in the community beyond the typical casting of the criminal as the victim of societal “racism” as the left does. Do believe in not using the lens of racism as a way to view themselves the victim of the countries history of racism, but to instead rise above it and embrace all of those things other Americans embrace. Black Conservatives believe in local economic development through the use of free enterprise, rather than looking to the government for programs and handouts, instead blaming those programs and handouts for the very systemic destruction of the black family unit in many inner cities, by promoting single-parent households progressives have broken the family unit, and cause much of the dysfunction in the black community. Last but not least, they believe in the empowerment of the individual via self-improvement, conscience, morality, and individualism. 

We reached out to Shekinah who was spotlighted on the Vice Documentary on Youtube about Black Conservatives about what changes she has noticed. We will update the story when she returns with her comments.

Written by Stephan Ball

Oakridge still traumatized from Snowpocalypse suffers another logistics blow with Mudpocalypse closing Hwy 58

Given the “Snowpocalypse” of 2019 in Oakridge, Oakridge and Westfir area residents are a resilient bunch, having just gone through a shockingly traumatic five days of rapid and heavy snowfall in late February that closed Highway 58, causing many of the areas residents to go without power for as long as five days. Trees uprooted by the thousands along the highway were cleared by the heroes of the Oregon Transportation Department and in some cases simple citizens with a chainsaw and some muscle, neighbors came together and put each other first as we as a community pulled through the heavy snowfall, the snow melted and the roads were cleared, and our lives got back to normal, almost. Now we have a new problem, some would say ” when it rains it pours, ” In this case, it does in the form of mud down the sides of hills crossing roads and railroad tracks, and in the form of cascading water into our already swollen lakes and rivers. Causing Hills Creek Reservoir to fill rapidly, I have lived here since 2000, and the lake is at the highest level I have seen it at during my time here. Passing by Salt Creek, Salmon Creek, the Northfork of the Willamette, all looked to be swollen as high as I had ever seen any of them. All of this water going somewhere, rain still falling and snowpack still melting. Highway 58 closed according to ODOT for both east and westbound traffic, an all too familiar feeling for Oakridge residents who lined up for gas, Ray’s Market was busy, and the Dollar Store was busy as well. I spoke with citizens and got the same response, a worried feeling that the power would go out again and that they were trapped again, much like they were during the recent snowstorm that crippled Oakridge and the surrounding area.

According to ODOT’s TripCheck Highway 58 is closed from east of Oakridge at McCredie Hot Springs to Lookout Point Reservoir. Cleanup is slated to be ongoing through the night with the highway remaining closed as long as it is needed to complete the cleanup. With thousands of uprooted trees leaving huge holes where their roots once were, it is not hard to fathom why these mudslides happened, those holes filled with water, the loose soil gives and the soil once started moving builds up momentum and flows often times like water down hills, taking with it trees, soil. and debris. We can expect more of these slides as the rain continues and should be on the lookout for flooding and possible power outages.

Make sure to never attempt to cross moving water in your car or on foot. Always make sure that when your driving and see areas of standing water on the roadway, only cross standing water that is very shallow and that you know where the roadway is to drive on, and only cross when absolutely necessary. Slow down and use a safe speed when traveling through standing water as your car may hydroplane. Hydroplaning happens when the tires of the car cannot displace the water they are traveling on and thus lose traction, if this happens let off the accelerator and slowly reduce speed, if needed slowly and gently apply the brake, avoid jerking the wheel or leaving the roadway if possible.

Hills Creek Damn
Rd 18
Oakridge Industrial Park

Written by Stephan Ball

Navy Seal to be moved

Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher will be moved to “less restrictive confinement” after having been kept in pre-trial confinement with sex offenders for more than seven months at Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar in San Diego.

President Donald Trump decided to move Gallagher after more than 50 members of Congress have called for urgent attention to the case, and two letters sent by two groups of Congressmen have been sent to the U.S. Navy demanding action.

“This morning, I spoke with President @realDonaldTrump by phone about Navy SEAL #EddieGallagher. And I want to thank the President for deciding to move Chief Ghallager to less restrictive confinement while he awaits his day in court,” tweeted Rep. Ralph Norman, who, along with Rep. Duncan Hunter and 38 other Congressmen, sent a letter to the Navy this week asking for Gallagher’s release from pre-trial confinement.

Andrea Gallagher, Eddie Gallagher’s wife, told American Military News on Friday, “I want to personally thank President Trump for having mercy on my husband and our family by exercising not only compassion but common sense in this shameful travesty of justice we have faced for more than seven months.”

Gallagher has been jailed since Sept. 11, 2018, ahead of his trial in May. His family says he is being mistreated while being kept at Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar in San Diego, including insufficient access to legal counsel and medical care.

“We are so thankful for the swift action of the President, after more than 50 members of Congress had to intervene and demand my husband’s Constitutional rights be upheld and that he be afforded the right to medical treatment, and also access to his legal counsel and family,” she added. “My husband, children,  I and our family have suffered needlessly for so long, and this is a joyous moment in an otherwise very horrific nightmare.”

Yesterday, Norman and Rep. Duncan Hunter, as well as the Gallagher family and others, gathered in Washington, D.C. to announce that they and 38 other members of Congress had sent a letter to the U.S. Navy asking to be placed in a detention facility that was more respectful asking for Gallagher to be released from such restrictive pre-trial confinement.

In the letter, which has been reviewed by American Military News, the Congress members ask Rear Adm. Yancy Lindsey, who is Commander of Navy Region Southwest, to review Gallagher’s pre-trial confinement conditions.

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw and 17 other Republican lawmakers also recently sent a letter to the U.S. Navy Secretary asking for a review of Gallagher’s pre-trial confinement conditions.

Gallagher is charged with premeditated murder of an already fatally wounded ISIS prisoner in Mosul, Iraq, during his last deployment in 2017, allegedly stabbing the prisoner with a hunting knife. He also faces other charges, including aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon and obstruction of justice.

Other service members who face charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice are not being held in the brig, including two other Navy SEALs who are charged with strangling a Green Beret in Mali.

Written by Stephan Ball

Why a Wall

Building a Wall between America and Mexico, according to the USBP will stop 90 percent of illegal border crossings which account for about 48% of all illegal immigration in the US. Illegal immigration costs the United States an estimated 100 billion dollars annually by even the most conservative measures. So theoretically a wall would cost five billion to complete, and save America approximately 45 billion dollars a year. There are still 52% of illegal aliens overstaying their visas, Trump is working on this, that along with immigration reform will remove that option from illegal aliens. 
So why not build it? Well, Democrats want you to think it is not compassionate to build the wall when if you just go back to 2014 almost every Democrat was in favor of building a wall for the very reasons that the President has listed. Why have they changed platforms? The answer is drugs, inner cities and liberal use of narcotics across the United States. The DEA has said that if a wall was up and they could concentrate at ports of entry they could drop the flow of narcotics into the US by as much as 80%. With our current supply lines Heroin users would run out, and methamphetamine precursors made in China are often times smuggled across the border with Mexico so that the meth can be made here in the US. Sure, we would still have some homemade “bathtub” meth being made, but the supply would be drastically reduced. Most of the cocaine coming into the US comes in through the southern border and would also be interdicted by a wall. 
A reduction in drug supply would result in the prices for narcotics spiraling out of control and addicts doing whatever it took to get money for the drugs. This would send the inner cities of every major city into a panic and cause many cities to elect Republicans as New York did with Rudy Giuliani in order to combat crime problems. Once, the wall is seen to have worked to reduce illegal immigration and to have slowed the flow of narcotics in the US to a manageable level, the citizens would likely never elect Democrats again. That why Democrats don’t want a wall. 
The social breakdown of the average border crosser is that they have only a 6th-grade education, many have no vaccinations against the diseases and in fact carry diseases we fear, there were 2000 cases of illegal aliens having infectious diseases last year alone in detention facilities. They are mostly male, ages between 18 and 35, and come from Central America, this demographic has changed, doesn’t look familiar, looking much like the mass exodus from Syria to Europe of the Muslims, Many claim they are fleeing oppression and political persecution, only to find they are being told to say these things in order to take advantage of the Us immigration system, gang violence does not constitute political asylum under our current laws. Many of the crosses are by gang members themselves, members of the violent MS-13. 
Some call what I do as fear-mongering. No, I am simply not going to allow compassion to overrule my common sense and love for America.  This country is being torn apart, Democrats want new voters for their base, trying to lower the age to 16, allowing illegals to vote, and they want to do away with the electoral college, it is not hard to see if you have an open mind. 

Written by Shaemus