Why a Wall

Building a Wall between America and Mexico, according to the USBP will stop 90 percent of illegal border crossings which account for about 48% of all illegal immigration in the US. Illegal immigration costs the United States an estimated 100 billion dollars annually by even the most conservative measures. So theoretically a wall would cost five billion to complete, and save America approximately 45 billion dollars a year. There are still 52% of illegal aliens overstaying their visas, Trump is working on this, that along with immigration reform will remove that option from illegal aliens. 
So why not build it? Well, Democrats want you to think it is not compassionate to build the wall when if you just go back to 2014 almost every Democrat was in favor of building a wall for the very reasons that the President has listed. Why have they changed platforms? The answer is drugs, inner cities and liberal use of narcotics across the United States. The DEA has said that if a wall was up and they could concentrate at ports of entry they could drop the flow of narcotics into the US by as much as 80%. With our current supply lines Heroin users would run out, and methamphetamine precursors made in China are often times smuggled across the border with Mexico so that the meth can be made here in the US. Sure, we would still have some homemade “bathtub” meth being made, but the supply would be drastically reduced. Most of the cocaine coming into the US comes in through the southern border and would also be interdicted by a wall. 
A reduction in drug supply would result in the prices for narcotics spiraling out of control and addicts doing whatever it took to get money for the drugs. This would send the inner cities of every major city into a panic and cause many cities to elect Republicans as New York did with Rudy Giuliani in order to combat crime problems. Once, the wall is seen to have worked to reduce illegal immigration and to have slowed the flow of narcotics in the US to a manageable level, the citizens would likely never elect Democrats again. That why Democrats don’t want a wall. 
The social breakdown of the average border crosser is that they have only a 6th-grade education, many have no vaccinations against the diseases and in fact carry diseases we fear, there were 2000 cases of illegal aliens having infectious diseases last year alone in detention facilities. They are mostly male, ages between 18 and 35, and come from Central America, this demographic has changed, doesn’t look familiar, looking much like the mass exodus from Syria to Europe of the Muslims, Many claim they are fleeing oppression and political persecution, only to find they are being told to say these things in order to take advantage of the Us immigration system, gang violence does not constitute political asylum under our current laws. Many of the crosses are by gang members themselves, members of the violent MS-13. 
Some call what I do as fear-mongering. No, I am simply not going to allow compassion to overrule my common sense and love for America.  This country is being torn apart, Democrats want new voters for their base, trying to lower the age to 16, allowing illegals to vote, and they want to do away with the electoral college, it is not hard to see if you have an open mind. 

Written by Shaemus

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