Mueller report due tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Mueller Report comes out, after according to AG Barr, being only slightly redacted, MSNBC and CNN will likely dig into it for any little tidbits and grab on for all they are worth, because that is what it is to them, all they are worth. CNN had the lowest ratings last week it has had in the last five years, only 690,000 people watched nationwide during primetime. Those ratings ranked among the lowest in all the cable services, The Mark Levine show was on at 10 p.m. and had ratings of 1.2 million. 
CNN, and MSNBC placed all of their eggs in this basket, and the basket did not have any eggs in it, tomorrow they will likely try and lay a couple. They will likely look for small bits of information inside of the report and remove the information from context then highlight as some sort of proof of wrongdoing. 
One of the great things about this is that 22 Democrats already did the work for any Conservatives in this case. There is no news worth reporting inside of the report, because if no collusion was found and if no collusion was found then there certainly was no Obstruction. The President can fire the FBI director anytime her wants for anything he wants. As far as Flynn, well he should not have lied, if there was no collusion and he did not lie, he would not, nor could not have gotten in trouble, that is not on the President, or the Vice President, that is on General Flynn. 
If 22 Democrats could not find any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia then it never was there, These were people who contributed
As far as Russian Collusion not being found on the party of the Trump campaign, that is really good news, but if the Russians did not collude with Trump, then did they collude with Hillary? Certainly looks like there is a lot more evidence to suggest that might be the case. With the Steele Dossier having been generated by Russian Intelligence Assets and then provided to American Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies through Christopher Steele who was used by the FBI as a source. It does look like the FBI colluded with the Clinton and Obama campaigns and Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election and its outcome.  
The Ukraine Government sent a message to US Prosecutors indicating that they had information regarding the Clinton Campaign’s collusion, they said they had not been contacted to get the information. I think a second prosecutor should be appointed to seek out the collusion of the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration, and their ties with Russia and Ukraine. I believe AG Barr is working on that as I write this article.
Written by Stephan Ball

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