The all new WW

The hottest diet trend is and old name with a new look. According to National Statistics Weight Watchers is the number one growing diet trend. Weight Watchers has been around for a long time re-branding itself with WW as its new name face. Celebrity endorsements like Oprah, DJ Khaled, Jessica Simpson, Tina Fey, and Kate Hudson.

People really can relate to how weight is a struggle for all kinds of people. WW has a calculation for how many points per day each participant should get. I will link how to find yours at the end. WW offers an app. The app allows users to scan bar code of your favorite foods to see the nutritional value and you guessed it points. The app also allows you to type in the name of foods and find the value. The best part of the app is Fast Food. Yes, you can look up your fast food restaurant on the go and see what points each item is. You can track breakfast lunch dinner snacks for each day and can roll over points. The app allows you to communicate will other WW customers for support, ideas, suggestions, and recipes.

The idea seems to easy and too good to be true so this writer started. I purchased a 3 month WW program for about $4.00 a week. And you have access to a WW coach. Less than a coffee from a big coffee shop what do I have to lose but weight right? Anyone can commit for 3 months, right?

The The new WW also released a 200 list. Food in WW world all has a point value. The 200 list is kind of the holy grail of WW. Though it really doesn’t seem like a diet, I’ll explain later. 200 list is zero point foods and items. Yes, free. They don’t cost you your daily points. So, there is literally no reason to ever feel hungry. Which is the reason most dieters give for the reason for failure. Some of the items that I love on the 200 list is boneless skinless chicken breast, eggs, no sugar added fruit, well fruit in general.

Now back to the it doesn’t feel like a diet. On WW I have had burger n fries. I can have fast food breakfast. You don’t have to cut bread or pancakes, you just make or buy WW approved ones. It definitely doesn’t feel like your restricted. I have found that almost every bad food choice has an WW approved alternative. Now if you grab that burger you know how many points that is and you can adjust your other meals to stay within your daily limit. Holding you accountable for your food choices.

Starting on 3-6-19 aka WW start date I am happy to say I’m -25 lbs. It works. Pinterest shares many many WW approved recipes and go to favorites. It shares things like how you can have a banana split for 2 pts. Or Alfredo sauce that rocks and helps you eat your way thin. Yep, it can be done.

I now have some staples in my home for sweet tooth days and comfort food nights that don’t ruin my program success.

I put my top ten must haves for everyone who may want to try WW:

1) Condiments (LowFat Mayo, fat free or low fat ranch, thousand island, italian salad dressings, PB2 peanut butter and PB Chocolate option)

2) Halo Ice Cream ( chocolate peanut butter is my fav)

  1. Sugar free everything. I have smuckers sugar free caramel, smuckers sugar free strawberry, Hershey’s sugar free chocolate syrup, Pillsbury chocolate cake, brownie and frosting.
  2. Land O Frost black forest ham or canadian bacon
  3. Fat free Cheese ( I have fat free cream cheese, shredded fat free cheddar by Kraft Lucerne fat free mozzarella)
  4. Sara Lee 45 Bread
  5. Flat Out bread
  6. Skinnymixes ( they have all kinds of drink mixes from fruity to coffee go to syrups even flavored foams)
  7. Lean Beef or Turkey or Chicken
  8. Kodiak Cakes ( pancakes waffle mix, muffins, baking mix, brownies)

Calculate your daily points here:

Calculate food items here:

Written by Marie

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