What the heck is Democratic Socialism

What is “Democratic Socialism,” and how is it different from socialism? Democratic Socialism is defined as having a socialist economy in which the means of production and wealth are socially and collectively owned, this is controlled alongside a democratically elected system of government. So literally nothing except the form of government is different, the wealth distribution through burdensome over taxation of corporations and the wealthy is done by your elected officials rather than by a dictator or some other sort of ruler. 
So don’t let the shiny name fool you, the Democratic part in front of Socialism is misleading, it misleads you to believe you will have a choice of whether you can be a socialist or not, You won’t. Bernie Sanders is running as a self-avowed Democratic Socialist, one who says he believes in the taxation of the rich at a rate of roughly 52% as opposed to the 26% they are at right now, and that is only because President Trump was able to lower taxes on all Americans, otherwise it would still be at the 37% it was prior to Trump. Why shouldn’t the rich shoulder the burdensome taxes? Well if we overtax the rich, who employ roughly 80% of Americans, they will cut jobs and costs in order to pay those taxes, thus creating a massive recession, Many of them will take their corporations overseas to countries like Ireland or Panama who have relaxed corporate tax structures, this would cost the United States billions in tax revenues. 
Bernie touts successes in Finland, Venezuela, and the Netherlands as successes of Democratic Socialism, Finland’s healthcare system if bankrupt, and they have had to resort to outside sources, due to over taxation of their wealthy, Venezuela is facing an economic collapse and starvation of its citizens, and the Netherlands have asked Bernie to stop calling them socialist, they have a strong social safety net, but a strong capitalist economy. 
For those immigrants who leave socialist countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, their quality of life and gross production rate is roughly ten percent higher inside of the US, this is a conservative estimate by the US Department of Labor. 
Socialism is the control of the economy and means of production by the government, and it has never successfully worked anywhere on the planet for an extended period of time and has a high propensity for corruption, famine, economic collapse, and war. Remember Democratic Socialism is just socialism done by your elected officials instead of a dictator. 
Written by Shaemus

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