Venezuela is a Nightmare for Democrats who Embrace Socialism.

Interim Pesident Juan Guiado announced today “Operation Liberty,” for the people of Venezuela. Telling the people of Venezuela to take back their country from Maduro who has remained in power since a sham of an election held last year in May where low voter turn out and accusations of mass voter fraud caused Guiado to declare himself the interim President until a new fair election could be held. Today’s announcement follows the release of Leopoldo Lopez, who has been detained since 2014 and is one of the nations top political activists. Lopez was seen walking side by side with Guiado today as they called for the military to rise up and enforce the Constitution of Venezuela. The United States formally recognizes Guiado as the President of Venezuela. 
Military units engaged with civilians in the streets, throwing flammable materials onto armored vehicles, crowds engaged vehicles with sticks, as scenes of one armored car driving through a crowd were shown to the world. Maduro who has allied himself with Cuba, Russia, and China has been condemned of war crimes by the United Nations for the deaths of more than 500 of his nations citizenry. Maduro is claiming that the U.S. is sponsoring a coup attempt against him through Guiado. He has announced that the coup has been put down, but this has not been confirmed. 
in 1998 Venezuela elected Hugo Chavez to be the country’s President, a communist revolutionary, who went on to nationalize the nations oil companies, healthcare, food, housing, media, and education. When Hugo took over Venezuela had one of the strongest economies in the world, its currency was valued at one time second in the world. It did not take long for those with money to take it and leave, and for the surplus that was there to dry up and exhaust itself, for in 2016 Venezuela found itself in the throes of a massive Depression, it’s currency devalued more than 400%. Now the currency is so devalued that there simply is not enough money to buy things, the money is 1/8000th of its one-time value. 
Democrats running for President in 2020 want socialism here. Bernie Sanders, one of the top in the Democratic field is a devout Socialist, wants the rich to pay for the poor to go to school, and to have free healthcare. We already supplement food, and education through socialization in most places. With Obamacare, we all saw what happens when you socialize medicine. Many of the field running claim that socialized medicine in countries like Canada and Denmark are ideal. What they do not tell you is that most of the advances in medicine come through the U.S. and those are used in socialized medical practice, if the U.S. were forced like other countries to socialize its medicine then future breakthroughs would be lessened to a great extent as is evident by the contributions those countries with socialized medicine make to the field. 
Robert Francis ORourke or Beto as he calls himself to get more Hispanic votes has a five trillion dollar plan to make college free, healthcare free, and clean up the environment, with no way to pay for it. Socialist ideals are just that ideals, not even that, they are fantasies of people who are too lazy to go out and work for it themselves, people who would rather steal from those to have to give to those who do not want to have to work to get it. 
We have some socialism in the U.S. as it is right now. We have Social Security, which would probably be fine, if it were allowed to do its job, but the problem is that when you have a socialist program that seemingly works why not just overwork it until it doesn’t Democrats have borrowed from Social Security four times, and never paid it back, they are constantly claiming Republicans are trying to cut the program, when in fact all Conservatives want to go is to limit who can collect it to the people who were originally supposed to be collecting it. 
Mass transit is a good example of how sometimes socialist programs can work until they don’t, These programs oftentimes outpace their costs through socialism, such as union wage increases, and programs designed for the indigent to ride free, Once the profit margin is gone in the equation the cost of the programs quickly spiral out of control. 
Keep watching what is happening in Venezuela and mention it to your friends and let that fire burn bright, this is a shining example of what happens when you tax and strip the free enterprise to give everything for free. Ambassador John Bolton announced that the U.S. wants to see a peaceful transition of power and a free and fair election in Venezuela. President Trump threatened a full and complete embargo against Cuba if the country did not cease its interference in Venezuela. 
President Obama has lifted many of the sanctions against Cuba during his presidency in order to improve relations. President Trump has reinstituted many of those sanctions citing the human rights abuses by the Cuban regime. The simple fact that Trump is undoing many of Obama’s actions is very popular amongst his conservative base. 

Written by Shaemus

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