Gun Control is Hurting Venezuelan Citizens
Gun Control laws passed and enforced in 2013 in Venezuela are taking their toll now, as the citizens have only rocks and an occasional Molotov Cocktail to fight against armored personnel carriers and military units. As President Maduro’s forces hold onto power in the country, claiming that U.S. recognized Interim President Guiado is attempting a coup. The United States said Maduro was in the process of leaving the country two days ago but was convinced to stay by Russian Governmental Authorities. 
In an attempt to overthrow Maduro, President Guiado called for military units to overthrow him. Guiado is popular with the citizens and has the backing of Leopoldo Lopez, a popular political activist who has been under house arrest since 2014, was released by forces friendly to Guiado. Citizens are fighting in the streets and throwing rocks at armored cars and police. There are scenes of police shooting back against the unarmed crowds. Having been disarmed in 2013, the citizenry is at a distinct disadvantage as Maduro has issued weapons to militias loyal to him, using them to help prop up his government.
Democrats in America call for mass gun control here at the same time calling for Socialism, this should be a wake-up call for all Americans as to what is in store for you if you keep electing Democrats to fall upon these platforms. Swalwell, a 2020 presidential candidate has a strong stance on gun control. When told that if he tried to take guns from the American people there would be a war, Swalwell said the government has nukes, Inferring that he would nuke American citizens who fought against gun control, he later said he was joking, but his stance would indicate otherwise. 
Democrats used to call for socialism just like Venezuela, they wanted government controlled healthcare, education, food production, media, and to repeal the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution which allows the ownership of firearms by citizens. They call the amendment antiquated. Conservatives call socialism antiquated and that the 2nd Amendment protects Americans against the very thing that is happening in Venezuela, a tyrannical government. 

Written by Stephan Ball

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