Why Biden will be the Democrats pick

In theory, the very best thing the field of Democrats can do is not disparage each other during their race. With President Trump’s outstanding job on the economy, his lucrative tax break, and his all-time low unemployment levels in most statistical groups is going to be hard to beat. With Joe Biden leading the pack, his apparent problems with groping make him an easy target for other Democrats, yet you see none of them going that route. Is the fix in like last time? With the emails from the DNC discovered during the 2016 election showing that Hillary Clinton was going to be their pick and there was nothing, Bernie Sanders could do about it . Is this going to be the same, is Biden their choice already and is this all a show just for us? The answer is a yes, Biden is their pick, the rest are there to take money from donors for their war chest and hopefully jockey a spot for the Vice
Presidential Nomination. We as.conservatives can sit back and watch, the real dirt won’t be slung in this race until Biden squares off with Trump, by that time Biden is hoping you forget he has a groping problem. Searching YouTube for Creepy Uncle Joe is all you need to find videos of Biden fondling and groping assorted women and girls, many of which clearly are pulling away and trying to avoid it. 
Former Vice President Biden has repeatedly claimed that he was part of a scandal-free administration under President Obama. Not mentioning Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Black Lives Matters, and the now front-runner in the news FISA gate the detailed FISA abuses of the FBI and the unmasking of those people by people within Obama’s administration. Democrats need electability, the problem is that truth seems to elude them in this quest. From Yang spouting Universal Basic Income for all, to Warren wanting to pay for 95% of all school loans, not counting out Booker’s repayment of families of African Americans whose ancestors were slaves, All of them falling short on one main thing. The ability to pay for it all, Democratic candidates think their party is in it for what they can get, they really must think little of their constituents to discount the fact that they can get a job, or pay back a loan, or that they can even think for themselves. Biden comes in much calmer and with a more moderate platform, thus creating a false sense of security in the mind of the voter, that perhaps Biden can steal away much of Trump’s base. Perhaps he will, this writer is not fooled, and if you watch Creepy Uncle Joe, you won’t be either. 

Written by Stephan B

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