Why Nancy Pelosi’s negative comments will cost any Democrat the 2020 Election

Nancy Pelosi has emboldened herself as Judge Jury and Executioner and it will cost the Democrats. Comments like the Trump family should have an intervention, and she worries for the well being of the President while also attacking him and pushing for impeachment.

What is confusing to most on the fence voters is why she would worry about him while also attacking his character. The American public feels like its a strategic strategy to break the people on the fence about which way they will vote. The Democrat strategy is to make comments that the President is less than because in their opinion has some emotional or mental struggles. The sad part is people 1 out of 6 Americans do suffer from some sort of mental illness and having an unskilled uneducated Pelosi diagnosing and then ridiculing the President does not sit well with millions of Americans.

“It’s not a joke and its not funny” say Independent voters. “It’s exactly what the Democrats accused Trump of doing making fun of handicap people, if that is in fact what he did, we now have to question what Democrats want us to feel.”

Many voters polled said they believe the hate that is coming from top Democrats will cost the 2020 Elections.

Written by Sheamus

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