Supreme Court Sides with Trump

On the July 26th 2019, The United States Supreme Court sided with the Trump administration in allowing the usage of funds allocated for counter drug operations within the U.S. military budget to be used to construct areas of the wall.

In a split decision, the conservative members of the court sided with Trump while all but one of the liberal judges dissented in their opinions. Justice Stephen Breyer was the one split opinion partially agreeing with both sides.

President Trump claimed victory via Twitter, “Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall. The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed. Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!”

A lawyer for the ACLU vowed that this issue was not over and that the ACLU would keep fighting. Saying that the ACLU will ask the Federal Appeals Courts for expedited appeals in their cases where they believe the wall will unduly influence the environment.

This ruling indicates that President Trump can tap funds from the Pentagon’s budget immediately and begin building the wall. Earlier this year Trump was able to get 1.4 billion dollars for the border wall after a 35 day government shutdown, well short of the 5.7 billion dollar estimate needed to complete the project. Trump declared an emergency and tapped 8 billion in defense spending to complete the wall, and was stopped by Democrats, now that obstacle has been cleared.

Written by Stephan Ball

Mueller not familiar with Fusion GPS ?

Mueller says he is not familiar with Fusion GPS. Any reporter working today would at least be familiar with Fusion GPS so how is it the Author of this report does not? Mueller actually seemed confused on several questions that one would know if they wrote about it, and prepared for today’s questioning.

Democrat Ms. Dean questioned Mueller and to most of her questions he would not answer her questions, so she agreed with her own interpretation and implying the report was leading to Impeachment calling it a duty. Ms. Mucarsel-Powell asked questions to which his response was he will not speculate. When asked “Presidents efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, that’s because not all of his efforts were unsuccessful, right”? to which Mueller said she was reading into what I or we have written into the report.

Mueller questioning was hard for many reporters to follow. He asked many times to repeat the question and looked confused on repeating it. Many times stating that he could not speak on it. Or not liking how the question was characterized. Leading many to think that this was to be a win for Democrats but looked much more like a disappointment.

Written by Marie

Mueller Embarrasses Democrats!

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 19: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Robert Mueller testifies during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee June 19, 2013 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Mueller confirmed that the FBI uses drones for domestic surveillance during the hearing on FBI oversight. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Watching the Robert Mueller testimony before The United States Congress today was painful for Democrats in that Mueller looked incompetent, and failed to answer many questions about integrity and bias within his team and his report. Mueller stuttered and muttered and was at times incoherent, he seemed to have a major medical issue, and he even had assistance in testifying, which almost unheard of.

With 13 members of Mueller’s team being registered Democrats and no Republicans, and more than $60,000 in donations to Democrats in the 2016 election, with $12,000 just to Hillary Clinton, and two of it’s members being fired or replaced for outright bias, Mueller refused to answer questions posed by both Democrats and Republicans about that bias.

Democrats made the questions they asked Mueller about Obstruction of Justice on the part of the President. Republicans made their questions about the actual reason for the investigation being started in the first place and whether the investigation was began upon a farce or a western intelligence operation. Rep. Jim Jordan asked about Joseph Mifsud and whether or not he was going to be charged with the crime of lying to investigators? Mueller refused to answer the question. Jordan then asked Mueller if Mifsud was a member of western intelligence and actually responsible for starting the entire charade? Mueller refused to answer those questions.

Robert Mueller was interviewed the day prior to the Special Counsel’s inception at the White House about the FBI Director Position, with Rod Rosenstein present, Rosenstein was the man, according to once Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe was the one who would have worn a wire get the President to incriminate himself. Christopher Wray was selected for the FBI Director Position and Rod Rosenstein started the Special Prosecutor, coincidence?

It was concerning to hear that Democrats had prepared for the hearing by having practiced on a fake Robert Mueller, and that their questions were scripted and structured, their primary mistake was no varying from that script once Mueller was clearly incompetent, it was even more apparent that he should not be sitting in that chair and should have taken AG Barr’s invitation to be protected by the Department of Justice from having to testify, as a Marine myself, I feel bad for him, for he clearly was once a great man, that time has past and the Democrats clearly took advantage of that today.

Democrats have grasped hopefully their last straw now concerning Trump, though I doubt it. We need to remember this in the upcoming election and vote to put people in place who believe in the people of our country and in Making America Great Again.

Written by Stephan Ball

Boris Johnson Elected New British Prime Minister

With Britain being one of America’s strongest allies in the world, their leadership is almost as important as ours. The United Kingdom’s ruling Conservative Party voted today to place Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister of Great Britain now that Theresa May is stepping down.

Boris is a strong proponent of Brexit and is seen as Great Britain’s version of Donald Trump. Critical of liberals and the ineffectiveness of the the EU, Boris has called for Britain to remove itself from the EU for years. Theresa May seemingly was unable to get the job done, and as such has had to step down.

Boris Johnson is seen by liberals as a “clown” and a “joke,” he is also feared for his views on Welsh independence. Anne Milton, the Education Minister in Great Britain, resigned before the vote came in, saying that Boris was likely to push through a no deal Brexit and that her party would not vote no confidence in the deal.

Boris Johnson was educated at Eton College and Oxford University and has been the leader of Britain’s Tory party. Boris has not always had a typical life and who was born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in New York to wealthy middle class British parents. Started his career as a journalist, Assistant Editor and then as London’s Mayor.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrats will not criticize Antifa violence.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has refused to speak about Antifa and the violence they commit as domestic terrorist. Omar Ilhan has refused to speak about Antifa and the violence but they criticize anyone who disagrees with their opinions as immediately as racist. The party of acceptance is not saying a word to discredit Antifa, not calling for an end to the violence.

AOC doubles down on her rhetoric calling everyone who supports Trump even Democrats who voted for him as racist. America is watching and the use of Racism as a blame tactic didn’t work for Democrats before but they continue the rhetoric. Many credit the hateful speech and term racist thrown around for the Trump win of President over Hillary because Americans didn’t buy the political plan to portray Republicans as racially divided. Historically the Democrats have been the party pro slavery and morally bankrupt for African American people.

America is watching women holding children and gay bloggers beaten on video by Antifa and Portland Police say they were told to stand down and allow the beatings by the Democratic Portland Mayor. Antifa search on YouTube shows amazing amounts of violence and not one Democrat Politician is being outspoken about it?

Written by Marie

Scalia to Replace Acosta

Donald J. Trump

President Donald Trump accepted Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta’s resignation last Friday, even though he said he thought Acosta had done a “great” job. Trump cited that Acosta has not had any controversy in his department during his tenure. Acosta said in his announcement that it was not fair to this administration that they be tied down with problems regarding Acosta’s please deal with Epstein, Acosta cited a great economy and that America should be focused on that.

President Trump has announced Gene Scalia, the 55 year old son of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as the replacement for Acosta. Gene Scalia is currently a partner in the Washington international law firm of Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher.

Gene Scalia is expected to face a tough confirmation process with Democrats in the Senate. Scalia has a history of representing large corporations, in 2005 he represented Wal-mart in a whistleblower case, in addition to that; Scalia has also served as a special assistant under Attorney General Bill Barr when Bill was the AG under Bush. The President made the announcement using twitter.

Written by Stephan Ball

Antifa At War

With an attack on Andy Ngo last month by the forces of Antifa in the streets of Portland, and Brian Clyde’s (self-professed Socialist) attack on the Dallas Courthouse in June, We have seen Socialist movements up their rhetoric and violence. The latest attack was when a man died last week while attacking an ICE detention facility in Washington State.

Willem Van Spronsen, a carpenter and musician from Seattle, was also a self-professed member of the leftist terror group Antifa. Spronsen, showed up outside the privately-owned facility for Immigration and Customs Enforcement at 4:00 a.m. Armed with a rifle and incendiary devices, he began to hurl the devices at vehicles, lighting one car on fire. He attempted to burn the building and a propane tank. Washington State Police engaged and killed Spronsen. 

Two Democratic Presidential Candidates have condemned the violence, Andrew Yang and Joe Biden, both considered moderates, it is unclear when or if more candidates will condemn the attacks. Representatives Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Ocasio Cortez refuse to condemn the violence. Many take their refusal to condemn the violence as a backing of it, some even calling Spronsen a “martyr.” When Cortez was approached about making a statement about the violence on Monday, she said a statement was forthcoming, Wednesday and still no statement. Cortez had called ICE facilities concentration camps in the past. making incendiary accusations against U.S. Border Patrol that they were forcing illegal aliens to drink out of the toilet. She is said to have even cried over an empty parking lot in order to garner sympathy for her campaign for open borders.

 The liberal New York Times says in their article that Antifa is an organization to protect people from right-wing extremism, to promote an LGBTQ agenda. Antifa is a violent arm of the socialist party that operates under the guise of Antifascist, when is all actuality it is actually Anti-First Amendment. The New York Times even said the term did not originate until 1946, when in fact it started as Antifascita an organization of socialists who opposed fascism in the 1920s in Europe. Fascism is just socialism and nationalism combined together. Anti-Fascists are anti-nationalists, they are still socialists and communists but stand firmly against nationalism. Whereas Capitalists can be nationalists and not be a fascist, but this bastardized version of Antifa is not anti-fascists, they are anti-nationalists and anti-capitalistic. The same people participating in the Occupy Wallstreet anti-capitalistic protest are your anti-nationalists today. 

Attempts were made to get comments from Antifa, with no one returning my calls, this reporters social media was attacked with spam as I tried to ask questions of self-professed members of Antifa about the incident.

Written by Stephan Ball

Antifa=Domestic Terror

The recent attacks on Andy Ngo in Portland by the Domestic Terror Group Antifa crossed a line yet again in Portland. Who ordered the police to stand down? were the police ordered to stand down? who makes it possible for these attacks? The Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says there was no order was given to stand down, Senator Ted Cruz (R Tx.) has asked that the FBI investigate whether such an order was given by the Mayor or someone else in the chain of command of the police, many say this is reminiscent of the rampant civil rights violations during the 1960s. Antifa has a long history of domestic terror in the Pacific Northwest with attacks and riots in Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, and Eugene. Anytime a person is subjected to violence to suppress their individual liberties, they are having their civil rights violated. It is the duty of every police officer in Oregon to protect those rights, no matter the political motivation of the offender or the victim, the fact that Andy is gay and a minority did not seem to matter to Antifa. Almost no one on the left condemns the attack, while not openly praising it, failing to condemn the attack does certainly speak volumes. With hundreds of people on twitter condemning Andy and saying he deserved it, and he antagonizes people to get this reaction, something clearly needs to be done to preserve the freedom of speech in America. 
With Andy Ngo being sent to the hospital with a brain bleed it brings into question, Do officers in Oregon have a duty to protect? The answer is “yes” under the U.S. and Oregon Constitutions people have the right to free press, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This reporter has sent FOIA requests to Portland Police Bureau for any orders in their chain of command, and/or from the Mayor’s office that reflects any direction to not act against Antifa. I have not received a response. According to Politico the Department of Homeland Security has declared Antifa a “Domestic Terror Group” indicating cautions for violence against other groups with differing ideals. Many of the groups conflicts have come against Right Wing Nationalists, but violent protests have included riots aimed preventing Ben Shapiro, a moderate conservative from speaking. In 2018 Antifa blocked intersections in Portland and attacked vehicles with blunt weapons, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler did not condemn those attacks.

Written by Stephan Ball

The Left Moving Left

The left has moved so far left with every 2020 candidate wanting to give illegal aliens full medical care. When Illegal Aliens come across our borders all candidates want to decriminalize the act itself, which would make our border open and allow all of the third world countries send their criminals and undesirables here and give them full medical care. You can’t even make this up if you tried, to make Americans think it is okay for their tax money to be used to provide medical insurance for illegals and that it will be paid for by their taxes. These general policies will make it hard if not impossible to win states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida. When polling immigrants who came here legally, more than 70% oppose giving illegal immigrants free health care, and 65% oppose open borders. With President Trump standing tall on immigration and more than 23% of America saying immigration is the number one issue facing America, making it poll the highest among all issues with 10% saying the government itself is the biggest issue, and 9% saying Climate Change is the real problem.  Another thing that causes a huge upset is the measure to make reparations to the ancestors of slaves in America, while no slave or even the child of a slave in America is still alive, they still want the reparations to begin, but not one of the candidates presented a plan on how to implement this. 
The Democrats 2020 race seems to a contest to see who can give the voters the free stuff, without one of them providing a concrete plan on how to pay for the free college, free medicare for all, the income reparations to slave ancestors, and the decriminalization of crossing the border. With Democratic moderate Joe Biden in the lead, he is seeing his lead dwindle to Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamela Harris who are both far left leaning in their ideas, so much so that many see no way for either of them to win against President Trump. Former Vice President Joe Biden will almost assuredly be the person running against Trump in 2020, but the table is being set for the things he is saying now to be used against him when it comes time debate Trump. Biden has already indicated he is for giving medical care to all illegals on the back of the U.S. Taxpayer, something that is wildly unpopular even in with his moderate base. 

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrat Debate erupts real agenda of Leftist to people who are not yet citizens.

Every single Democrat said they are in favor of illegals getting full medical for life, and ignoring current immigration laws and allowing undocumented illegals to remain in the US. Nothing such as this is extended to current US citizens. Showing that the Democrats have sole focus on non US citizens this Election.

This may very well be the sole responsible event to push a Trump 2020 victory!

Written by Marie