Antifa=Domestic Terror

The recent attacks on Andy Ngo in Portland by the Domestic Terror Group Antifa crossed a line yet again in Portland. Who ordered the police to stand down? were the police ordered to stand down? who makes it possible for these attacks? The Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says there was no order was given to stand down, Senator Ted Cruz (R Tx.) has asked that the FBI investigate whether such an order was given by the Mayor or someone else in the chain of command of the police, many say this is reminiscent of the rampant civil rights violations during the 1960s. Antifa has a long history of domestic terror in the Pacific Northwest with attacks and riots in Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, and Eugene. Anytime a person is subjected to violence to suppress their individual liberties, they are having their civil rights violated. It is the duty of every police officer in Oregon to protect those rights, no matter the political motivation of the offender or the victim, the fact that Andy is gay and a minority did not seem to matter to Antifa. Almost no one on the left condemns the attack, while not openly praising it, failing to condemn the attack does certainly speak volumes. With hundreds of people on twitter condemning Andy and saying he deserved it, and he antagonizes people to get this reaction, something clearly needs to be done to preserve the freedom of speech in America. 
With Andy Ngo being sent to the hospital with a brain bleed it brings into question, Do officers in Oregon have a duty to protect? The answer is “yes” under the U.S. and Oregon Constitutions people have the right to free press, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This reporter has sent FOIA requests to Portland Police Bureau for any orders in their chain of command, and/or from the Mayor’s office that reflects any direction to not act against Antifa. I have not received a response. According to Politico the Department of Homeland Security has declared Antifa a “Domestic Terror Group” indicating cautions for violence against other groups with differing ideals. Many of the groups conflicts have come against Right Wing Nationalists, but violent protests have included riots aimed preventing Ben Shapiro, a moderate conservative from speaking. In 2018 Antifa blocked intersections in Portland and attacked vehicles with blunt weapons, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler did not condemn those attacks.

Written by Stephan Ball

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