The Left Moving Left

The left has moved so far left with every 2020 candidate wanting to give illegal aliens full medical care. When Illegal Aliens come across our borders all candidates want to decriminalize the act itself, which would make our border open and allow all of the third world countries send their criminals and undesirables here and give them full medical care. You can’t even make this up if you tried, to make Americans think it is okay for their tax money to be used to provide medical insurance for illegals and that it will be paid for by their taxes. These general policies will make it hard if not impossible to win states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida. When polling immigrants who came here legally, more than 70% oppose giving illegal immigrants free health care, and 65% oppose open borders. With President Trump standing tall on immigration and more than 23% of America saying immigration is the number one issue facing America, making it poll the highest among all issues with 10% saying the government itself is the biggest issue, and 9% saying Climate Change is the real problem.  Another thing that causes a huge upset is the measure to make reparations to the ancestors of slaves in America, while no slave or even the child of a slave in America is still alive, they still want the reparations to begin, but not one of the candidates presented a plan on how to implement this. 
The Democrats 2020 race seems to a contest to see who can give the voters the free stuff, without one of them providing a concrete plan on how to pay for the free college, free medicare for all, the income reparations to slave ancestors, and the decriminalization of crossing the border. With Democratic moderate Joe Biden in the lead, he is seeing his lead dwindle to Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamela Harris who are both far left leaning in their ideas, so much so that many see no way for either of them to win against President Trump. Former Vice President Joe Biden will almost assuredly be the person running against Trump in 2020, but the table is being set for the things he is saying now to be used against him when it comes time debate Trump. Biden has already indicated he is for giving medical care to all illegals on the back of the U.S. Taxpayer, something that is wildly unpopular even in with his moderate base. 

Written by Stephan Ball

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