Democrats will not criticize Antifa violence.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has refused to speak about Antifa and the violence they commit as domestic terrorist. Omar Ilhan has refused to speak about Antifa and the violence but they criticize anyone who disagrees with their opinions as immediately as racist. The party of acceptance is not saying a word to discredit Antifa, not calling for an end to the violence.

AOC doubles down on her rhetoric calling everyone who supports Trump even Democrats who voted for him as racist. America is watching and the use of Racism as a blame tactic didn’t work for Democrats before but they continue the rhetoric. Many credit the hateful speech and term racist thrown around for the Trump win of President over Hillary because Americans didn’t buy the political plan to portray Republicans as racially divided. Historically the Democrats have been the party pro slavery and morally bankrupt for African American people.

America is watching women holding children and gay bloggers beaten on video by Antifa and Portland Police say they were told to stand down and allow the beatings by the Democratic Portland Mayor. Antifa search on YouTube shows amazing amounts of violence and not one Democrat Politician is being outspoken about it?

Written by Marie

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