Mueller not familiar with Fusion GPS ?

Mueller says he is not familiar with Fusion GPS. Any reporter working today would at least be familiar with Fusion GPS so how is it the Author of this report does not? Mueller actually seemed confused on several questions that one would know if they wrote about it, and prepared for today’s questioning.

Democrat Ms. Dean questioned Mueller and to most of her questions he would not answer her questions, so she agreed with her own interpretation and implying the report was leading to Impeachment calling it a duty. Ms. Mucarsel-Powell asked questions to which his response was he will not speculate. When asked “Presidents efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, that’s because not all of his efforts were unsuccessful, right”? to which Mueller said she was reading into what I or we have written into the report.

Mueller questioning was hard for many reporters to follow. He asked many times to repeat the question and looked confused on repeating it. Many times stating that he could not speak on it. Or not liking how the question was characterized. Leading many to think that this was to be a win for Democrats but looked much more like a disappointment.

Written by Marie

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