Democrats have Gone Nuclear on the Climate

With the recent seven hour CNN town hall on climate change Democrats running for President in 2020 have just about went off the rails of acceptable behaviour. With almost all of the candidates wanting to achieve the goal of having the U.S. as a carbon neutral country by 2050.

I had to look up “Carbon Neutrality” to make sure I knew what it meant, and it is defined as being a country that takes more carbon out of the environment than it puts into it. Which in and of itself sounds like a great goal, with the U.S. putting less than 10% of the worlds current carbon footprint into play, we might be putting the cart before the horse if we cannot get countries like China, India, and Russia to play along. The three aforementioned countries together put into the environment roughly 65% of the worlds current carbon footprint, and pretty much act like they could care less about doing it. So even if the U.S. would or could become carbon neutral, would the world? With Democrats having high tensions with Russia, and being notoriously soft of China in the past I think the answer is a hard “No.”

Some of the frontrunners in the Democratic campaign for President made some pretty far reaching statements. Senator Cory Booker (NJ, D.) said that all future policies should be informed by climate change. With Kamela Harris (CA, D.) calling on Trump to lead or get out of the way, failing to acknowledge Trump putting environmental cleanup measures into effect with regard to plastics in the ocean, instead she called for the Democrats to take control of both houses of Congress so they could pass measures needed to combat climate change.

Former Vice President Joe Biden had his left eye suddenly fill with blood during the event, with Biden’s campaign being plagued with physical and mental health questions, Biden being 76 years old has recently been mistaken on many stories and speeches along his campaign trail. Biden made claims during the town hall that if we created a high speed rail line from one side of the country to the other we could take millions of vehicles off the road, yet when this has been tried on a smaller scale in the U.S. it has been problematic and filled with corruption.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA, D) made her own memorable moment when she suggested that if we do not take immediate action on climate change essentially the world would end in 2030 unless we reduce our greenhouse gas by at least half, basically quoting a previously error filled rant by Ocasio Cortez, that was a misquote of Ronald Bailey’s Reasons. Reasons says that if nothing is done about climate change right now, the worlds GDP would be reduced by 8.2% as a worst case scenario. Warren went on to say she was against more nuclear power, stating that she wanted more solar power, even though studies show solar power panels place 300 times more waste into the environment.

Senator Bernie Sanders (VT, D) addressed global over-population by saying that education of women on not reproducing as a way to reduce the world’s population. Even the United Nations has said the world’s population is likely to decline starting around 2100 according to their studies, and with birth rates declining it was like Bernie was trying to find a phantom to blame the crisis on.

By reading the preceding paragraphs you the reader can get the gist of what it was like to endure a seven hour CNN town hall on climate change, this was an event that even the Democratic National Committee refused to host. Audience members were nodding off, and the marathon was too much for most.

Written by Stephan Ball

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