“Civil War” Declared in America

With American values on the line, and conservatives being attacked in the very streets for simply standing up for the Constitution, make no mistake America we are at war. While it is not a violent war with guns and tanks being used yet, it is one of the lefts deep corruption being outed by our President and him being attacked for it on almost a daily basis.

Ever since the 2016 election where Donald J. Trump handily defeated Hillary Clinton in the electoral college, Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, Antifa, and most of the media have attacked him on every issue. Unable to tout an impeachable offense Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment hearing into the President. Though not unprecedented in this country, it is highly unusual that an impeachment investigation would be started for so very little.

The United States State Department announced in August of 2019 that it was taking another look at the Clinton email scandal, President Trump in August speaks with the Ukraine Prime Minister about payments then Vice President Joe Biden withheld to the country until the prosecutor that was looking into Hunter Biden was fired, and wanting an investigation both from the U.S. side and the Ukrainian side of things.

Democrats panicked, they had done everything they could to Trump do far and nothing had stuck, so they had one last card to play, they have to do it in order to minimize the corruption scandal they themselves face as the Hunter Biden scandal is now exposed, pretty much assuring that Joe Biden will not be the Democratic Nominee for the 2020 election.

With Joe Biden slipping Elizabeth Warren has slid firmly into the lead, Democratic Donors on Wall Street announced yesterday, that they will withdraw support for the party if Warren is the DNC’s pick. Her socialist anti-capitalistic agenda of high wealth taxes on the big corporations has forced them to tell the DNC ” If she is your pick, we will support Donald Trump.

With Robert Francis O’Rourke (Beto) calling for the confiscation of AR-15 and AK-47’s it has tipped the hand of the party, showing that they do intend to force more gun control down the throat of the American people if they are elected. No country has ever been turned Communist with an armed populace, in fact Communism is responsible for more than a 100 million people executed without anyway to defend themselves. Socialism is just a Democratic form of Communism.

Antifa attacks on the streets of Portland or Antifa attacks at ICE facilities, the taking down of the American flag at Government Facilities in Colorado, and the mass of shootings recently can all point toward our countries slow encroachment of that line to civil war. With massive Climate Change Demonstrations worldwide, the Hong Kong Riots, and the Brexit vote in the UK, the world is tired of the left and are starting to fight back.

If Donald Trump Jr. had been the person involved in the Ukraine scandal instead of Hunter Biden, you can be assured we would see it on ever majoy media outlet until they had played it for all it was worth. The media conglomerates in America don’t like Trump, not even Fox, some of the board members of Fox have called for Fox to distance itself from Trump in an attempt to seem more mainstream. Mainstream to who, the left media? How dare you Fox, CNN, and all of the other media groups, call it for what it is, do your jobs, gather information and report the facts without bias.

All of this media hype, all of this hate toward our President is a declaration of war on America. It is an attempted coup of the U.S. because the Democrats did not like the outcome of an election where their very bad candidate was not elected. If you want to win an election, bring an candidate that is not a “crook.”

A coup is a violent seizure of the government, and these people do not have guns some might say. Well they certainly will try to use the rule of law to force out the President and use the men with guns to do their bidding, so my argument is that you do not have to have a gun to commit a coup, you can do it with a pen just as well.

The deal in Ukraine where Biden withheld funding pending the firing of a prosecutor looking into his Son may well be the end of his campaign, but it assuredly is just the start of his troubles with many House Republicans calling for a full investigation into his conduct both with regards to Ukraine but also in China where Hunter Biden made a trip with Joe to China and was given huge financial gain shortly thereafter.

Written by Stephan Ball

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