The Competing Efforts to Recall Kate Brown Have Failed.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown

The two often times competing efforts to recall Kate Brown seemed to have destroyed each other, With Bill Currier and Michael Cross both filing for recall of the Oregon Governor, each of them seperate.

Talking with my citizens during the recall process, all seemed confused that there were two recall efforts, and often it was brought up why wasn’t there just one concerted effort? One possible answer is that a lack of communication between the two individuals produced a divided effort. Another, often talked about one was that Brown knew the recall effort was happening and pushed the state to allow both petitions to go forward as separate matters, I think one could make a legal argument to combine the signatures from both into one for those who did not sign both.

Having failed in it’s effort to recall Brown Bill Currier, the leader of the Oregon GOP has said he will try again in 2020. Brown has consistently went against the will of the voters in Oregon ignoring previously failed measures brought before Oregon voters and signing actions into Executive Order using her limited authority as Oregon Governor almost like a dictatorship. One such instance was the fact that Oregon voters voter overwhelmingly not to allow illegal aliens to the United States to get an Oregon Drivers License, yet Brown went ahead and authorized this for most illegals anyway.

I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Brown pushed for the passage of the Cap and Trade, a contentious bill that would hamstring the Oregon logging industry. Brown has said is considering again using her Executive Authority to get the law in place.

Whatever we do in Oregon, we need to do it in 2020, quit messing around and communicate with each other Oregon. Whether your Constitutionalist like me, a Republican, or even a more liberal Libertarian, hell even an estimated 30% of the signatures on both recall petitions were Democrats, we need to take our state back, before it becomes the shithole of California/New York.

Written by Stephan Ball

2 thoughts on “The Competing Efforts to Recall Kate Brown Have Failed.

  1. For one thing the contact information provided on the petition we helped circulate didn’t seem to be accurate. We tried calling the phone number and we sent an email trying to contact to be able to submit the petitions we collected signatures on because that petitioner has to be the one to submit them to the elections office. Both contact information failed to respond back to us. I mailed them to the address that was provided on the petition but I found they were not organized very well.


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