Pence and Trump Prove RINOS and Democrats Wrong on Syria

Turkish advance halted allowing Kurds to get to safety.

President Trump has long been critical of the previous administrations transparency when it came to military matters, Former President Obama would tell the enemy what he was going to do, or what he wanted to do, and often times this was thwarted or just outright ignored.

What we the American people do not know is that Turkey likely was already going to go into Northern Syria whether we were there or not, and what Trump may not ever get credit for is avoiding World War III.

Having served in both the Army and Marine Corps, I can tell you that a major offensive is not something you just launch, and the fact that Turkey launched theirs only hours after Trump announced he was withdrawing forces from the area only shows that he was most likely given advanced warning by our NATO ally as is required by international law that they were going in, he is not required to tell us the “secret sauce” of how the whole thing gets done, only that it is being done.

Trump’s withdrawal was likely an effort to remove Americans from harms way from an inevitable attack by Turkish forces who were likely trying to establish a safety buffer between themselves and the Kurdish forces of which they have had internal problems with inside of Turkey. Vice President Pence and Secretary Pompeo announcing that they have a ceasefire in place just goes to show you that Trump seemed to already have a plan in place or sent in the right men for the job at the right time.

Almost every Democrat, and some Republicans in both the House and the Senate abandoned Trump on this matter only moments after learning of our troops withdrawal. With the house passing a resolution condemning the removal. Just as with the impeachment inquiry, people in D.C. are too quick to jump without allowing Trump to do his job, he certainly made them look foolish again.

With the ceasefire in place Turkey has agreed to halt, and allow Kurds to withdraw to “safezones.” With Trump having imposed sanctions on Turkey as part of the pressure to get Turkey to the table, sanctions can be lifted as long as Turkey complies with the ceasefire.

“If we didn’t go this unconventional, tough-love approach … they couldn’t have gotten it done,” Trump added.

Trump touted the ceasefire at a campaign rally later Thursday night, again calling his approach “unconventional.”

“I said, you’re going to have to let them fight for a little while,” he said, adding “like two kids in a lot, you gotta let them fight, then you pull them apart.”

Yet, Senator Mitt Romney (R) Utah, was still overly critical in stating that Trump was still far from victory. Wanting hearings on why we pulled out of Syria.

Just moments after the invasion of Syria Trump dismissed Turkey’s invasion and said the fight was over land that “has nothing to do with us.”

“If Turkey goes into Syria, that’s between Turkey and Syria,” he told reporters in the Oval Office. “It’s not between Turkey and the United States.” With many vocal opponents of our troops involvement often times saying that U.S. Troops have no place in the region. Senator Rand Paul (R) Kentucky saying that if Trump is moving to stop endless wars then we should stand with him.

NBC news even misquoted Trump by saying


When according to the White House the actual statement was ” They have a problem at the border-it’s not our border” as well as saying This is not between Turkey and the U.S. NBC has printed a retraction.

Other Evidence shows that an American Military base in Syria had items left behind by troops who would have taken it with them if they had been scheduled a normal withdrawal, such as personal items of the troops, military supplies, tents, and entertainment. Further evidence of a hasty withdrawal and a demonstration that President Trump likely avoided a major war.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii said that Trump has the blood of Kurds on his hands, but then again so do many of the Presidents before him, but that she was also tired of the endless regime change wars and that the U.S. should stop fighting them. I wonder how she feels now that Kurdish blood is not being spilt and that Trump likely avoided WWIII.

Written by Stephan Ball

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