Obama’s Quid Pro Quo With George Soros

Biden under Scrutiny for Quid Pro Quo, what about Obama and Soros Quid Pro Quo?

With Barrack and Michelle Obama signing book deals with Penguin Random House, for 65 million dollars in 2017, this makes one of the largest book deals in history. With former Vice President Joe Biden under scrutiny for Quid Pro Quo, let us not forget why Obama might be silent as a church mouse right now, He sold American Education to George Soros for an eventual book deal?

Penguin Random House is owned by Pearson Publishing. Pearson is one of the largest publishing companies in the world with an estimated 8 billion dollars in worldwide sales, half of that in America. Pearson was the company that was awarded the “Common Core” contract in the United States, Despite it’s failures in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Both aforementioned companies are owned by Bertelsmann, The German media conglomerate. Never guess who is one of the major investors in Bertelsmann? That’s right George Soros, who said ‘The World Needs Europe And Its Values.”

Bertelsmann CFO Judith Hartmann, Belgium’s Vice Prime Minister Didier Reynders, famous investor George Soros, former French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici, and the Chairman of the BOZAR Board of Directors, Viscount Etienne Davignon (r. to l.)

Despite it’s many failures and incompetent actions Pearson continued to be awarded contract after contract under Obama. In 2012 New York –More than two dozen errors found in New York State tests developed by Pearson, 2012 New York–More than 7,000 New York City elementary and middle school students wrongly blocked from graduation by inaccurate “preliminary scores” on Pearson tests, 2012 Mississippi – Pearson pays $623,000 for for five students and wrongly lowered scores for 121 others for improperly scoring tests and failing to graduate kids on time, In 2013 Pearson improperly graded tests that kept nearly 5,000 kids from the gifted and exceptional programs in New York, 2014 in Virginia, Pearson wrongfully sent out improper scored cards that did not show proper proficiency. Yet they continued to make 4 billion dollars a year under Obama’s reign.

The Penguin Group is a trade book publisher. It is owned by Pearson, the global education and publishing company, and Bertelmann, the German media conglomerate. The new company was created by a merger that was finalised on 1 July 2013, with Bertelsmann owning 53% of the joint venture, and Pearson controlling the remaining 47%.

In Mar 2017 Maya Mavjee, President and Publisher of Penguin Random House’s Crown Publishing Group, announced they will publish in the U.S. and Canada two separate books to be written by former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, respectively paying them 65 million dollars.

In 2015 George Soros owned 317,534 shares of Netflix and online movie watching platform, which makes it one of the companies largest shareholders. In 2018, after leaving the Presidency, Barrack and Michelle created their own movie production company called Higher Ground Productions, they then went on to sign a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix to produce films. Now we all know why the Obama’s are so quiet on the Quid Pro Quo Biden story.

Written by Stephan Ball


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