Al Baghdadi Dead in US Operation.

ISIS founder and leader Al Baghdadi killed today by U.S. Forces.

President Donald Trump took to the airwaves today to announce the greatest military victory for since the killing of Bid Laden. Trump announced that U.S. special operations soldiers had raided an area where Baghdadi was thought to be, conducting an operation, they were able kill many of ISIS fighters and chased Baghdadi into a tunnel, where according to Trump he was crying and whimpering as a he detonated a suicide vest killing himself, and three of his children. The President said no U.S. Troops were injured or killed in the operation.

President Trump had listed Baghdadi as the number one security threat to the U.S. intelligence agencies. Trump said he was placed as the number one target, and that killing or capturing him would be of the highest priority. Baghdadi was the founder and leader of ISIS. This is a big feather in the cap of the Trump administration.

President Trump had indicated a few weeks ago that U.S. forces would be withdrawing from Syria in the face of a Turkish invasion at the condemnation of many on both parties. Most recently in Syria, U.S. forces secured the oil field in Syria to protect them from being used by ISIS. A permanent ceasefire was signed into effect for northern Syria allowing Kurdish forces to withdraw intact. Many critics of Trump said he was leaving the Kurds to their demise at the hands of Turkey.

President Trump thanked Russia, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. Trump also thanked the Syrian Kurds specifically during his speech for a specific action. With Baghdadi dead the head has been cut off ISIS, their territory gone, their leader dead, and their ideology so radical that many Muslims shun it, ISIS may indeed die now.

Written by Stephan Ball

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