Trump Takes Thanksgiving to Afghanistan

President Trump serving troops in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump pulled a stealth move from his vacation in Mar-a-lago to get aboard Air Force 1, and fly to Afghanistan, where he served troops Thanksgiving dinner and spoke about how America was doing.

Just when the media was chastising him for playing golf again, he surprises them again with this bold selfless move. Bolstering the morale of troops serving overseas is something few Presidents have done before and is usually seen by the press and rewarded with positive coverage. Not in Trump’s case, they media barely said a word about it with the exception of Fox news.

It matters to those troops who are serving there, far away from their families sometimes for a year or more on a rotation, many of them on their second or third rotations in the 18 year war. With 2400 American dead in this war President Trump announced talks with the Taliban are back on and that there is a foreseeable end to this perpetual conflict.

Every American should be applauding a Commander in Chief who will go to a war zone to serve the troops. No matter the party, that appreciation should cross party lines every time.

Written by Stephan Ball

Tulsi Gabbard is my Pick to Face Trump

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

I wrote an article some months back with Tulsi Gabbard entered the race as a 2020 Presidential Candidate. She has continued to hang in there despite being attacked by the Clintons, Senator Kamela Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The Mainstream media has even jumped in on the bandwagon and called her a Russian asset, an Assad sycophant. She has weathered those attacks with grace, actually growing stronger.

If Tulsi can weather the primaries and she can continue to keep donations flowing she will likely rise to the top of the heap, whether or not the DNC lets her win the nomination is another thing, with the controversy surrounding the 2016 Sanders, the DNC may have fixed their bugs, or they may be the same old DNC. I am leaning toward the same old tired war machine. However, if she can win the nomination she would likely be the most difficult opponent for Trump to beat in 2020.

Tulsi is a veteran of two combat deployments to Iraq, she has experience in Congress, is a woman, and is a minority. All of those things will weigh against him. She is also against regime change wars, she is for border security and immigration reform, she is young and will appeal to the millennial crowd.

Trump has a successful economy going for him, is surging among black voters, he has record lows in unemployment for blacks and Hispanics, he has 50 year lows on female unemployment and an overall household wage increase of over 5k per house. While hard to beat, not impossible, for him to lose though the Democrats will have to pick moderate like Tulsi, if not it is four more years of Trump.

Perhaps I am giving too much credit to the average Democratic voter, for if they would actually consider the issues and watch each of the candidates Tulsi would be all of their picks. The main stream media does not like her much and have done what they can to sabotage her, much like they did with Trump when he was up against all of those Republicans, yet he won. Tulsi reminds me of Trump in that regard, she is the underdog, the darkhorse if you will. I am making a prediction that as long as no major scandals break her and she continues to perform as she has, she will be the Democratic Nominee to face Donald Trump for the 2020 election. I doubt anyone can beat Trump as he is right now, but if anyone can it would be her.

Written by Stephan Ball

Biden Threatens Graham Over Potential Probe.

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Finally! a Republican who wants to investigate the swamp, Senator Linsey Graham (R SC.) has requested documents concerning Hunter Biden and Ukraine from the U.S. State Department. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that the request had been made by Senator Graham.

The President’s Personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that what Joe Biden said sounds like a threat to a U.S. Senator, and not something someone would say if there is nothing there. Giuliani also went on to say that Joe is acting similar to many of the “mob bosses” in cases he prosecuted early in his career. Giuliani wrote a three page letter to Senator Graham who is the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and asked him to interview three witnesses, outlining three witnesses that have direct knowledge of corruption and violation of of the Hobbs Act concerning Hunter and Joe Biden.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was visibly shaken and said “Lindsey is about to go down a road I think he will regret his whole life.” He went on to address Senator Graham by saying he was embarrassed for him, the response was emotional and touched a nerve close to home with the impeachment inquiry concerning going on, there are calls from many for Senator Graham to take up an investigation into Hunter Biden and his relationship with Burisma, a Ukraine Energy Company that made Hunter a board member while his Father then Vice President Joe Biden was in charge of U.S. Ukraine Energy policies.

Hunter Biden, kicked out of the navy for cocaine use, get a job in a country where he had never been, does not speak the language, and knows virtually nothing about the energy sector, however his Daddy is the Vice President of the United States of America during a time when Ukraine is seeking to get out from under the thumb of Russian energy dependence. Democrats waving their hands, “Nothing to see here, move along, move along.” as they try to impeach Trump for seeking to get Ukraine and the Attorney General Barr to investigate the connections there to see if there is any corruption.

When Joe was the VP he went to Ukraine with US Loan guarantees and according to his own statement he did have the loan assurances to Ukraine and threatened to leave unless the prosecutor who was investigating his Son’s company was fired without giving them to Ukraine. According to Joe the investigator was fired. Democrats say the investigator was corrupt and needed to be fired. Ukraine is full of corruption, even many Democrats agree, with that said you would think they would want to get to the bottom of it. Nope, all you hear is crickets from the mainstream media, still calling for Trump to be impeached for even asking Ukraine to look into it. Remember this when you vote in 2020.

Written by Stephan Ball

A Conservative Veterans Day

Today, while I was out and about enjoying my Veterans Day, I say many Veterans walking around, enjoying their discounts and free meals, even taking in the new movie Midway. I thought to myself, the thanks we owe to each other and to our Veterans if you are not one is expressed on one or two days a year, when it should be expressed clearly everyday. Looking into the eyes of one Vietnam Marine Vet as he struggled to get his van loaded after enjoying his Denny’s free GrandSlam, I told him from one Veteran to another thanks for his service, and that he and his fellow service people did not deserve how the country treated them when they came back from Vietnam. We shared a moment, said “Semper Fi” and went on our ways probably never to see each other again, but sharing in our bond as fellow servicemen and Marines meant a lot to me, and it looked like to him also.

Thinking about how those Veterans of Vietnam on my way home made me both sad and mad at the same time. How could a country turn it’s back on it’s service personnel like that in their time of need? Exploring that I found that socialistic and liberal ideals were at fault in it. We as a country had hard conservative ideals in place in this country, strong family units, a good economy, and we had just won Korea and World War II. Where did it go wrong, liberalism in the college campuses, Communist insurgents is my guess.

We as Americans were well on our way to do it again, but this time to our police officers in 2014 with the Michael Brown shooting, even though the shooting was ruled justified, Many Democrats, Liberals, and the Media lavished in the rioting that took place there in Ferguson. In 2016, when 5 Dallas police officers were gunned down by a self-professed member of Black Lives Matter, liberals and the media had the nerve to complain that the police blew the suspect up with a robot rather than go in and get him. After the Dallas incident then President Obama invited one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter to the White House. We wonder why people disrespect the police, our leaders do it, the media hypes it, and the ignorant eat it up. This is why our Veterans and first response personnel deserve our respect and thanks. Can you imagine if a Democrat had been allowed to win the election in 2016?

Why can’t we get people to wake up? Shake the cobwebs out of your head, it is like looking at someone who is asleep or drunk, you keep expecting them to wake up and think logically, but they just keep watching CNN, calling me a racist, and telling me I am stupid.

America must never forget, we must always be vigilant that the enemy of democracy is the lack of will to stand against tyranny. Our forefathers gave us a Republic, lets see if we can keep it, by respecting each others rights and keeping faith with the Constitution of the United States of America. For those of you who have sworn an oath to defend the constitution, no one has ever absolved you of that oath, you still have a responsibility to defend it and uphold it.

Written by Stephan Ball

Owens for District 30

Republican Mark Owens, local farmer and Harney County Commissioner, announced his candidacy for state representative in Oregon’s House District 60. The seat is currently held by Rep. Lynn Findley (R-Vale) who announced last week he will be running for the Oregon Senate. Being from Crane Oregon he knows the area and people.

“I can’t think of a better place to live, work and raise a family than where we live today, and as the next state representative for eastern Oregon, I will work to make sure we build a sustainable future for the next generation of Oregonians,” said Owens. “Our communities need an advocate in Salem that understands our unique way of life and the challenges we face, and who will make sure opportunities abound for our citizens—I will be that advocate.”

As a teenager, Owens spent his summers working on a ranch in Harney County before he moved to Harney County full time in 2001. His greatest accomplishment was meeting and marrying his wife Celeste who had moved into the area to teach school after college. They were able to start and currently operate an alfalfa ranch and custom haying business. Celeste is an elementary school teacher in Crane and their two children, ages 15 and 11, attend Crane public schools.

Owens was elected to the Harney County Commission in 2016 where his priority has been to ensure Harney County is able to sustain local agriculture while looking for additional business opportunities for the county. The use of natural resources, public lands and protecting our way of life has been and still will be his primary focus.

In addition, he serves as Chair of the Ground Water Study Advisory Committee and liaison for the Oregon Water Resource Department, and as the School Board Chair for Crane Union High School. He has served on numerous commissions, boards and councils to represent eastern Oregon locally and at the state level.

“We have been greatly represented by Representative Findley and Senator Bentz, and it would be an honor to carry on their great work and be a voice for the citizens of Eastern Oregon in the Oregon legislature,” said Owens.

Owens will file his candidacy today and launch his formal campaign this week.

Written by Shaemus

CBS ABC and NBC Covered for Epstein and Liberal Elites

With the impeachment inquiry being all anyone can talk about, we are letting the real news pass us by. The fact is that it is likely that the Main Stream Media in America is broken so badly that it can only tell you it’s pre-programmed propaganda, so ingrained with corruption that it will protect the elites.

NBC covered up the Harvey Weinstein rape and sexual abuse accusations according to Farrow, one of their better known journalists. Who said the Clinton Campaign reached out to him, along with management at NBC to kill the story on Weinstein prior to the 2016 election. If it were exposed that Clinton were close with Weinstein and he were a rapist it would likely look bad on her campaign.

ABC now appears to have killed a story on Jeffrey Epstein that would have linked Bill Clinton to Epstein prior to the 2016 election. Well not allowing negative information to come out about a presidential candidate or their family is election interference also. According to ABC the said the story did not meet their “strict” editorial guidelines, whereas according to the tape released there were multiple sources and a taped interview with the accusers.

CBS now joins the crew as it covers for ABC by firing the leaker who had access to the tape and released it exposing this very thing. Isn’t this whistle blowing? The very thing the liberal elite tell people to do ” if you see something say something.” Evidently CBS fires whistle blowers.

Written by Stephan Ball

Beto Drops Out, Guns Still a Target for Dems!

Robert Francis O’Rourke, once thought to be a top contender for the 2020 Democratic President Nomination has dropped out of the race, his campaign made famous by his announcement of what we have always known, they (Democrats) are coming for your guns.

Make no mistake that just because Robert or “Beto” as he likes to be called, probably to endear him to the Hispanic voting base, has said the Democrats are coming for your guns just means that perhaps he either slipped up or is actually more honest than most of the field.

Beto made a huge mistake, one that probably cost him backing within the party when he announced in a Presidential that “Hell yes! We are coming for your Ak-47 and Ar-15’s” A theory the conservative base has long held that when and if a Democrat was elected again they would make a play for the so called “assault weapons.”

With the so called cat out of the bag, each of the Democrats has embraced the policy now, jumped on the bandwagon so to speak and said they mandatory buy backs and confiscations were not out of the question. Even Joe Biden, considered one of the fields most moderates, wants to see a ban on “assault weapons.”

Beto did announce that he is not planning on running for any political office at this time, contrary to plans the Democratic party had for him. Beto had said that if he was not elected as President he would not run for office, hopefully that means ever again, perhaps he can at least spare us that.

Written by Stephan Ball

Defazio joins Democrats Attempted Coup

Oregon Representative Peter Defazio who voted to hold an impeachment inquiry.

With Oregonians split along party lines on whether an impeachment inquiry of the President is a good thing. Representative Defazio did not vote against the inquiry even though polling in his district had 61% of voters against an impeachment inquiry. Will they hold him accountable when 2020 comes around? We will seem as he has a young up and comer in Alex Skarlatos, one of the heroes who stopped a Paris train attack.

With Defazio facing this steep re-election campaign against Skarlatos, voters need to remember this vote against the will of the majority of voters, even 2 Democrats voted against the impeachment inquiry, Defazio still sided with the Democrats from New York and California as he has done more and more often as he has become mired in the swamp that is D.C.

According the transcript of the call between the President Trump and the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Trump was asking for cooperation in investigation into a quid pro quo between the Obama administration and it’s energy policy in Ukraine with regards to both Hunter Biden, then Vice President Joe Biden’s Son being under investigation for corruption and the Vice President making sure that the prosecutor was fired for looking into the corruption. Hunter Biden was given a job for which he had no qualifications for on the board of a Ukraine Energy Company and his Father was the one putting U.S. Energy Policy into place in Ukraine at the time. This job paid an estimated 50k per month. When a prosecutor began looking into Hunter Biden and his connections, then VP Joe Biden threatened to remove US aid to Ukraine if the prosecutor was not fired. That prosecutor was subsequently removed from the investigation.

President Trump attempted to start an investigation into the Biden connections and whether it broke US law, which under the Constitution as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States of America is his duty and right. Representative Adam Schiff (D Ca.) who had tried to impeach President Trump on two previous occasions decided to try again. Despite being 18 days after the phone call, and not having heard the actual phone call, a “whistleblower” is said to have contacted Schiff and presented an opinion that what Trump was doing was wrong, and without an actual transcript made a complaint that was entirely inaccurate. In order to combat those inaccuracies or as President Trump stated “lies” by Schiff, the President released a full transcript of the phone call, which showed that indeed no law had been broken, and that Adam Schiff had lied to Congress in his original whistleblower complaint.

The fact that an Oregon Congressman of the 4rth District is party to this should sicken every one of you. We need to make sure we vote in the next election, not just us, but all of our friends, and their friends, we need to support the draining of the corruption in D.C. and in government.

Written by Stephan Ball