Beto Drops Out, Guns Still a Target for Dems!

Robert Francis O’Rourke, once thought to be a top contender for the 2020 Democratic President Nomination has dropped out of the race, his campaign made famous by his announcement of what we have always known, they (Democrats) are coming for your guns.

Make no mistake that just because Robert or “Beto” as he likes to be called, probably to endear him to the Hispanic voting base, has said the Democrats are coming for your guns just means that perhaps he either slipped up or is actually more honest than most of the field.

Beto made a huge mistake, one that probably cost him backing within the party when he announced in a Presidential that “Hell yes! We are coming for your Ak-47 and Ar-15’s” A theory the conservative base has long held that when and if a Democrat was elected again they would make a play for the so called “assault weapons.”

With the so called cat out of the bag, each of the Democrats has embraced the policy now, jumped on the bandwagon so to speak and said they mandatory buy backs and confiscations were not out of the question. Even Joe Biden, considered one of the fields most moderates, wants to see a ban on “assault weapons.”

Beto did announce that he is not planning on running for any political office at this time, contrary to plans the Democratic party had for him. Beto had said that if he was not elected as President he would not run for office, hopefully that means ever again, perhaps he can at least spare us that.

Written by Stephan Ball

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