Defazio joins Democrats Attempted Coup

Oregon Representative Peter Defazio who voted to hold an impeachment inquiry.

With Oregonians split along party lines on whether an impeachment inquiry of the President is a good thing. Representative Defazio did not vote against the inquiry even though polling in his district had 61% of voters against an impeachment inquiry. Will they hold him accountable when 2020 comes around? We will seem as he has a young up and comer in Alex Skarlatos, one of the heroes who stopped a Paris train attack.

With Defazio facing this steep re-election campaign against Skarlatos, voters need to remember this vote against the will of the majority of voters, even 2 Democrats voted against the impeachment inquiry, Defazio still sided with the Democrats from New York and California as he has done more and more often as he has become mired in the swamp that is D.C.

According the transcript of the call between the President Trump and the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Trump was asking for cooperation in investigation into a quid pro quo between the Obama administration and it’s energy policy in Ukraine with regards to both Hunter Biden, then Vice President Joe Biden’s Son being under investigation for corruption and the Vice President making sure that the prosecutor was fired for looking into the corruption. Hunter Biden was given a job for which he had no qualifications for on the board of a Ukraine Energy Company and his Father was the one putting U.S. Energy Policy into place in Ukraine at the time. This job paid an estimated 50k per month. When a prosecutor began looking into Hunter Biden and his connections, then VP Joe Biden threatened to remove US aid to Ukraine if the prosecutor was not fired. That prosecutor was subsequently removed from the investigation.

President Trump attempted to start an investigation into the Biden connections and whether it broke US law, which under the Constitution as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States of America is his duty and right. Representative Adam Schiff (D Ca.) who had tried to impeach President Trump on two previous occasions decided to try again. Despite being 18 days after the phone call, and not having heard the actual phone call, a “whistleblower” is said to have contacted Schiff and presented an opinion that what Trump was doing was wrong, and without an actual transcript made a complaint that was entirely inaccurate. In order to combat those inaccuracies or as President Trump stated “lies” by Schiff, the President released a full transcript of the phone call, which showed that indeed no law had been broken, and that Adam Schiff had lied to Congress in his original whistleblower complaint.

The fact that an Oregon Congressman of the 4rth District is party to this should sicken every one of you. We need to make sure we vote in the next election, not just us, but all of our friends, and their friends, we need to support the draining of the corruption in D.C. and in government.

Written by Stephan Ball

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