CBS ABC and NBC Covered for Epstein and Liberal Elites

With the impeachment inquiry being all anyone can talk about, we are letting the real news pass us by. The fact is that it is likely that the Main Stream Media in America is broken so badly that it can only tell you it’s pre-programmed propaganda, so ingrained with corruption that it will protect the elites.

NBC covered up the Harvey Weinstein rape and sexual abuse accusations according to Farrow, one of their better known journalists. Who said the Clinton Campaign reached out to him, along with management at NBC to kill the story on Weinstein prior to the 2016 election. If it were exposed that Clinton were close with Weinstein and he were a rapist it would likely look bad on her campaign.

ABC now appears to have killed a story on Jeffrey Epstein that would have linked Bill Clinton to Epstein prior to the 2016 election. Well not allowing negative information to come out about a presidential candidate or their family is election interference also. According to ABC the said the story did not meet their “strict” editorial guidelines, whereas according to the tape released there were multiple sources and a taped interview with the accusers.

CBS now joins the crew as it covers for ABC by firing the leaker who had access to the tape and released it exposing this very thing. Isn’t this whistle blowing? The very thing the liberal elite tell people to do ” if you see something say something.” Evidently CBS fires whistle blowers.

Written by Stephan Ball

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