A Conservative Veterans Day

Today, while I was out and about enjoying my Veterans Day, I say many Veterans walking around, enjoying their discounts and free meals, even taking in the new movie Midway. I thought to myself, the thanks we owe to each other and to our Veterans if you are not one is expressed on one or two days a year, when it should be expressed clearly everyday. Looking into the eyes of one Vietnam Marine Vet as he struggled to get his van loaded after enjoying his Denny’s free GrandSlam, I told him from one Veteran to another thanks for his service, and that he and his fellow service people did not deserve how the country treated them when they came back from Vietnam. We shared a moment, said “Semper Fi” and went on our ways probably never to see each other again, but sharing in our bond as fellow servicemen and Marines meant a lot to me, and it looked like to him also.

Thinking about how those Veterans of Vietnam on my way home made me both sad and mad at the same time. How could a country turn it’s back on it’s service personnel like that in their time of need? Exploring that I found that socialistic and liberal ideals were at fault in it. We as a country had hard conservative ideals in place in this country, strong family units, a good economy, and we had just won Korea and World War II. Where did it go wrong, liberalism in the college campuses, Communist insurgents is my guess.

We as Americans were well on our way to do it again, but this time to our police officers in 2014 with the Michael Brown shooting, even though the shooting was ruled justified, Many Democrats, Liberals, and the Media lavished in the rioting that took place there in Ferguson. In 2016, when 5 Dallas police officers were gunned down by a self-professed member of Black Lives Matter, liberals and the media had the nerve to complain that the police blew the suspect up with a robot rather than go in and get him. After the Dallas incident then President Obama invited one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter to the White House. We wonder why people disrespect the police, our leaders do it, the media hypes it, and the ignorant eat it up. This is why our Veterans and first response personnel deserve our respect and thanks. Can you imagine if a Democrat had been allowed to win the election in 2016?

Why can’t we get people to wake up? Shake the cobwebs out of your head, it is like looking at someone who is asleep or drunk, you keep expecting them to wake up and think logically, but they just keep watching CNN, calling me a racist, and telling me I am stupid.

America must never forget, we must always be vigilant that the enemy of democracy is the lack of will to stand against tyranny. Our forefathers gave us a Republic, lets see if we can keep it, by respecting each others rights and keeping faith with the Constitution of the United States of America. For those of you who have sworn an oath to defend the constitution, no one has ever absolved you of that oath, you still have a responsibility to defend it and uphold it.

Written by Stephan Ball

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