Tulsi Gabbard is my Pick to Face Trump

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

I wrote an article some months back with Tulsi Gabbard entered the race as a 2020 Presidential Candidate. She has continued to hang in there despite being attacked by the Clintons, Senator Kamela Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The Mainstream media has even jumped in on the bandwagon and called her a Russian asset, an Assad sycophant. She has weathered those attacks with grace, actually growing stronger.

If Tulsi can weather the primaries and she can continue to keep donations flowing she will likely rise to the top of the heap, whether or not the DNC lets her win the nomination is another thing, with the controversy surrounding the 2016 Sanders, the DNC may have fixed their bugs, or they may be the same old DNC. I am leaning toward the same old tired war machine. However, if she can win the nomination she would likely be the most difficult opponent for Trump to beat in 2020.

Tulsi is a veteran of two combat deployments to Iraq, she has experience in Congress, is a woman, and is a minority. All of those things will weigh against him. She is also against regime change wars, she is for border security and immigration reform, she is young and will appeal to the millennial crowd.

Trump has a successful economy going for him, is surging among black voters, he has record lows in unemployment for blacks and Hispanics, he has 50 year lows on female unemployment and an overall household wage increase of over 5k per house. While hard to beat, not impossible, for him to lose though the Democrats will have to pick moderate like Tulsi, if not it is four more years of Trump.

Perhaps I am giving too much credit to the average Democratic voter, for if they would actually consider the issues and watch each of the candidates Tulsi would be all of their picks. The main stream media does not like her much and have done what they can to sabotage her, much like they did with Trump when he was up against all of those Republicans, yet he won. Tulsi reminds me of Trump in that regard, she is the underdog, the darkhorse if you will. I am making a prediction that as long as no major scandals break her and she continues to perform as she has, she will be the Democratic Nominee to face Donald Trump for the 2020 election. I doubt anyone can beat Trump as he is right now, but if anyone can it would be her.

Written by Stephan Ball

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