Trump Takes Thanksgiving to Afghanistan

President Trump serving troops in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump pulled a stealth move from his vacation in Mar-a-lago to get aboard Air Force 1, and fly to Afghanistan, where he served troops Thanksgiving dinner and spoke about how America was doing.

Just when the media was chastising him for playing golf again, he surprises them again with this bold selfless move. Bolstering the morale of troops serving overseas is something few Presidents have done before and is usually seen by the press and rewarded with positive coverage. Not in Trump’s case, they media barely said a word about it with the exception of Fox news.

It matters to those troops who are serving there, far away from their families sometimes for a year or more on a rotation, many of them on their second or third rotations in the 18 year war. With 2400 American dead in this war President Trump announced talks with the Taliban are back on and that there is a foreseeable end to this perpetual conflict.

Every American should be applauding a Commander in Chief who will go to a war zone to serve the troops. No matter the party, that appreciation should cross party lines every time.

Written by Stephan Ball

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