California Ranks First for Mass Shootings

Senator Kamala Harris a California Democrat who favors gun control.

According to The Gifford Law Center a notoriously left leaning gun control advocate has listed California as the leader in nation for mass shootings this year. With California having the strictest gun control laws in the country, and the highest mass shooting rate, has many saying that California has a high population compared to other states. With just over 12% of the nations population and having more than 20% of the mass shootings that argument does not make sense. The only argument that makes sense is that gun control does not work.

With Oregon having recent attempts at gun control of it’s own and with future tries on the upcoming ballot, we need to be wary of past practices of gun control elsewhere, especially with an estimated 108, 000 new residents since the 2016 election. With most of the new population coming to Oregon moving here from California, it stands to reason that they will bring their voting practices with them.

Even farther south of California is the country with the strictest gun control in North America. Mexico has only one gun store in the country and with the red tape it is almost impossible to even get a gun permit there. If you do manage to get a permit to own a gun, then you may buy one, but in only one caliber, .22. Yet, Mexico has the highest murder rate on the continent. You are 500 times more likely to be killed in Mexico than you are if you are in Canada or the United States.

So why implement gun control? No one ever surrendered their rights voluntarily until after they had been disarmed. With many of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates coming out as socialists, and all in favor of some kind of gun control, we have a lot to worry about. Talk to your friends, and get their friends to talk to their friends. We need the vote to get out.

Written by Stephan Ball

Illegals Continue Their Rampage Despite Sanctuary Status

Salvador Martinez-Romero, an illegal alien living in sanctuary Oregon and preying upon people.

Janet Risch age 72 was killed at a Wells Fargo bank in Murrayhill Marketplace in Beaverton during a robbery when Salvador Martinez-Romero during the commission of a robbery stabbed her and her daughter, Debra Thompson, 52. Risch and Thompson were customers at the bank and were inside at the time according to Beaverton Police.

A man, Ian Day age 26 was injured when Romero stole his car from the same parking lot, Romero stole another car later that day from Marsha Bashir 50, who was also taken to hospital for injuries suffered during the theft. Romero was unsuccessful in running from officer later that day, and was apprehended, is currently facing Murder and Attempted Murder Charges stemming from the incident.

What should shock every American and Oregonian is that Governor Kate Brown, like her fellow governors to the North and South is unapologetic about Oregon’s sanctuary status, even though it is unconstitutional to award sanctuary status over Federal Law. Having yet to have been tried in the Supreme Court, and likely to eventually be heard will be the fact on whether state should have to go by Federal Immigration Law, and/or Federal Gun Control Law.

With the tensions high in Virginia regarding their recently passed gun control, and purported enhanced criminal justice funding for violators, with Virginia National Guard weighing in, and saying that they will not be used for gun confiscation no matter what the governor says, and in many Democratically controlled states on what many patriots see as the Constitutionality of Sanctuary laws, are they or aren’t they?

With Marijuana illegal at the federal level and 11 states having no legalized it, still it is illegal and you can be arrested for having it by any Federal Law Enforcement Officer. The same can be said of Sanctuary status for illegal immigration, even though it is illegal for a police officer in Oregon at the state, county, and city level to ask immigration status, federal officers can still enforce immigration laws in Oregon.

With tensions rising, something will eventually have to give. Where do Americans and Oregonians fall on these issues? Why does the mainstream media fail to cover sanctuary crimes?

Written by Stephan Ball

Pelosi Unlikely to Send Impeachment to Senate

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Now that Impeachment is done, it is likely that Nancy Pelosi will not send the articles in the impeachment to the Senate, She has been advised not to by a long time friend of the Clinton enthusiast Lawrence Tribe, who is a Harvard legal scholar. He has advised her that sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate will likely insure their immediate dismissal by Senator Lindsey Graham (R. S.C.) Graham is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and would likely request a dismissal upon the articles arrival in Senate for their sheer lack of any evidence. She has also been advised that at a minimum she should hold off to allow Senator Chuck Schumer (D NY) to leverage her position to get a trial with witnesses, even though this is unlikely.

Instead, Pelosi plans on holding the articles to allow the Democratic Presidential Candidates to have some leverage against President Trump in any upcoming debates or discussions, her statement about Trump always having an asterisk by his name from now on would be true and Democrats hope to be able to capitalize on it. With so little else they can campaign on, the only real thing would be destroyed should Pelosi turn it over to the Senate. Multiple legal scholars say that what Pelosi is doing is tantamount to Obstruction of Justice, but who would hold her accountable? Congress would have to act, and they are controlled by the Democrats.

When the Republicans take back the house in 2020, it is possible that whomever the Speaker is can have the impeachment expunged from the record and it would be like it never happened. With a Senate trial unlikely on this impeachment and it being unlikely that the Democrats win the Senate in 2020, it is very possible to see this impeachment hang over Trump’s head well into his second term when he is re-elected.

Written by Stephan Ball

Impeachment Virtually Assures Trump Re-election in 2020

In a surprise win, Donald Trump defeated beloved liberal Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016, it won’t matter who he faces in 2020.

With the impeachment of Donald Trump, his base, and a majority of independent voters will likely re-elect him in an even more lop sided electoral win in 2020. While I do not envy any liberal candidate that is going to face Trump, they will get crushed under the weight of the Democrats own self pity impeachment push and Trumps huge accomplishments during his tenure. The Trump base as it is called can only be upset that this has happened, it clearly filled with partisan and bias, with Democrats calling for his impeachment since before he took office.

Many of those in Congress, especially freshmen congressional candidates will face tough re-election bids with their obvious lack of decorum and inability to follow simple rules like the Constitution of the United States. The voters are not stupid, and many watched this farce with horror, candidates who are supposed to represent their districts who are in districts that voted for Trump by vast majorities have voted against the will of the people represented. The people of those districts will hold them accountable and will make them pay in 2020.

The only chance a Democrat had in the race against Trump was to come out as a voice of reason in those shambles. Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D HI.) seems to have perhaps put a spark of hope in her campaign with a “present” vote in the impeachment charade. Seemingly not wanting to take part in it.

Any candidate running against a Democrat who voted for impeachment will have an easy time making them wear the impeachment vote like a boat anchor around their neck in a sea of voters. No evidence introduced, hearsay evidence, and all of it starting in a basement by a person who did not even hear the call.

As a political correspondent and an accurate predictor of Trump’s 2016 win I am predicting that Trump will win again in 2020, no matter his opponent. The people of the country are pissed off that the Democrats would try and take their 2016 vote. Don’t let them take your 2020 vote.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrats Impeach Trump Except Gabbard and Van Drew

Voting present, shows Gabbard was not in favor of impeachment

With Congress voting to impeach President Donald Trump, it makes it the third U.S. President so impeached in our nation’s history, With Tulsi Gabbard (D. HI) and Jeff Van Drew (D NJ) the only Democrats to not vote yes, it looks almost partisan. Despite Nancy Pelosi saying repeatedly she would need bipartisan support for impeachment, she went ahead and did it anyway. Gabbard voted present for both articles.

With the impeachment process in the house lacking transparency from the beginning and held in the basement under lock and key, not one shred of evidence presented, and not one rebuttal witness called, Democrats did exactly what they said they would when Trump was elected, they impeached him, it was for conjecture and nothing then just as it is now, this impeachment should be considered a badge of honor for Trump who said he would fight for all of us against the swamp that is D.C.

With the growing controversy of Ukraine and the Bidens, and with Giuliani vowing that he has concrete evidence of money laundering on the part of the Bidens and other unnamed Democrats, will he be allowed to present the evidence to the Senate or will the Senate dismiss the foolish Democratic ploy from the very beginning?

With Pelosi saying that Trump’s legacy will always have a big black asterisk next to it, is a compliment as a “deplorable.” We who voted for him did not elect him to be like anyone else. We elected him to drain the swamp, and they sure are trying to stick him in jail or get him out of office for it. We need to think about what he has done for this country that would not have been done had he not been in office.

If Hillary Clinton would have been elected President, open borders would have been enacted, unemployment would have skyrocketed due to the influx of immigrants. It is likely that medicare for all would have been a thing, paid for by what was left of those of us who work. Increasing debt, China not being held accountable for it’s theft of U.S. Tech, North Korea would have continued testing nukes and missiles until perfected it’s capabilities making it the highest priority threat in the world, the continuation of the war on police, and continued under funding of the military, We the people would have continued to pay the majority of the bills for the U.N.

Think about these things and why you voted or didn’t vote for Trump. I understand he does not talk nice, and sometimes can come across mean and insensitive, however he is not our preacher, or there to be our friend, he is there to keep the evils of the night at bay, and to hold those accountable who were taking advantage of the system, he is there to drain the swamp. There is an election in less than a year, and lets make sure we count.

Written by Stephan Ball

Defazio Lies During Impeachment Debate

Democrats in a panic Kamikaze in order to get Trump

With impeachment debates taking the stage on almost every media network, Oregonians are left holding the short end of the stick, especially those of us who live here and believe Donald Trump is doing a good job. Congressman Peter Defazio of Oregon’s 4rth Congressional District stood in front of Congress today and told them he represented the will of the people in saying the Trump should be impeached, when what Defazio really represents is California and New York’s interests in getting rid of Trump.

With Defazio serving more than thirty years in Congress, he is the very definition of the swamp, having lost touch with his constituents here in Oregon long ago, abandoning the things that Oregon holds dear to it in order to endear himself to the furtherance of the DNC. Defazio forgets that the 4rth district relies on timber, log trucks, jobs, relaxed gun control, and a strong military (military contracts make up 4% of the jobs). Yet he opposes those very things.

Polls in Oregon show that support for impeachment is down below fifty percent and that more Oregonians find it a waste of time. Many wonder about the Biden controversy and why Defazio is not insisting that it be looked into whether Vice President Joe Biden used his power and influence to get his Son, Hunter a job paying roughly 80k per month on the board of an energy company, despite having a lack of experience in the field. Then Vice President Joe Biden was in charge of the U.S. Ukraine Energy policy. This seems like a no-brainer for Defazio who apparently has the furtherance of the Democratic Party agenda on his plate more than exposing the corruption that he should be looking into.

Written by Stephan Ball

HB 2020 Will Come for Your Guns.

As Americans, many feel the right is inherent to own a military style weapon.

With the State of Virginia threatening to call out it’s National Guard on it’s own people because they will not hand in their guns and high capacity magazines and HB 2020 looming ahead for Oregon, do we have to fear? The answer is, Yes. With less than one percent of all homicides in the country committed by rifle, and still a strong call to disarm should worry us all. Their goal is to keep citizens from having sporting rifles which they deem “assault.” I have a sporting type rifle and it has not assaulted anyone, though it has defended me and my home since I brought it home and will continue to do so as long as I draw breath.

Will Kate Brown call out the Oregon National Guard to enforce HB 2020? As a retired police officer, most of the guys and girls I worked with in the Oregon State Police will not go door to door to get your weapons, if she wants enforcement she might have too use the National Guard, because many of the Sheriff’s in this state will declare their counties off limits or sanctuaries to such a law. Most city police will not enforce such a law either, so to get compliance she will have too use something besides the regular police.

Anytime a politician wants to take away your gun, or tax your ammo, or allow companies that make guns to be sued for the illegal actions of others we have a problem America. The only way to institute many of the socialist ideals and plans the left want is to disarm the country.

The United Kingdom banned firearm ownership in 1996 after a mass shooting, yet their murders in London continue at the same pace. The culprit, a knife most times or clubs. It is not the gun that is the problem, it is the increase in single parent homes, religious indoctrination, and a collapse of moral fabric.

Rifle related homicides remain less than once percent of the murders committed in the U.S. So why ban rifles? Well since rifles are tools that citizens can use to fight back against tyranny, with the left pushing farther against free speech, the media and social media censoring, increased taxation, less time for children in the home and more time with children being raised by the state with increases in school time and mandatory child service visits to the home.

I just want to make sure everyone knows what to do when it comes to HB 2020, vote against it. Vote out every politician who ever wants to take away your right to defend yourself. They have armed guards to guard themselves, we are our own armed guards. We should be enforcing the laws we currently have on the books, when those are enforced and don’t work, then look at something else. Right now they just want more laws for the everyday citizens, criminals already cannot have a rifle or pistol, is already illegal for them to possess them, why would they want to take yours? Ask yourself that before you cast a ballot.

Written by Stephan Ball

Biden Did Bribe Ukraine

According to Viktor Shokin the then Prosecutor in Ukraine who was looking into Ukraine, Biden did “Broad as day” bribe the Ukraine Government to shut down any investigation into Burisma.

Viktor did a live video interview and in it he stated that if the American people were to look into the incident they would see he was not corrupt and that he was looking into the Burisma corruption and had started seizing assets from the company. Hunter Biden, then Vice President Joe Biden’s Son worked for Burisma as a board member. While Viktor did not specifically state they were investigating Hunter Biden, the investigation was still in it’s infancy.

According to Shokin the then Ukrainian President called him and told him if he was patriot he would shut the investigation down, because Ukraine was in a war with Russia and needed the U.S. Aid. Shokin said he shut the investigation down, and in stated that at no time was he under investigation for being corrupt, and that he has never been found to have committed any corruption, despite Mainstream Media in America stating that he was on multiple occasions.

In a popular video on the media platform Youtube Biden is seen bragging that he got the investigation into Burisma shut down with a threat of holding back or not even giving U.S. Aid to Ukraine. Yet no real calls for investigations have come forward into Hunter and Joe Biden and Burisma until recently when Senator Graham (R) S.C. of the Senate Judiciary Committee requested documents for one can only assume to hold an investigation on whether Joe Biden acted correctly.

Written by Stephan Ball

Giuliani Breaks the Banks with Tweet!

Under Article 2 Section 3 of the Constitution, The President has an obligation to investigate

According to the President’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani 5.3 billion dollars were paid out through the American Embassy in Ukraine to NGO’s Burisma was an NGO at that time, and if they received any money amounting to more than fifty dollars from the U.S. Government while Joe Biden was Vice President and Hunter Biden was on their board, all involved would be committing a crime.

If there was any “reasonable suspicion” that a crime was committed the President must investigate and ask that it be investigated before giving any further aid to a foreign power. Reasonable suspicion is even less than probable cause, and I as a 17 year retired police officer with just what I see far more than reasonable suspicion on Joe and Hunter Biden’s part.

According to the tweet Yovanovitch was the Ambassador at the time and was also a witness in the impeachment hearings, yet she mentioned nothing of this money, nor of asking police to stop any investigations. I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the ice berg that sank the Democratic party, stay tuned!

Written by Stephan Ball

Impeachment of Trump Likely but not Popular

With leftist agenda pushing Mainstream Media impeachment looks likely

With the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announcing the articles of impeachment to be drawn up without so much as a shred of evidence put before the House Judiciary Committee, it looks like impeachment of President Trump is likely as a railroad job ensues, President Trump seems as usual un-phased by this in a tweet he said let’s get this to the Senate and get it over with.

President Trump did win more than 30 of the districts held by Democrats in the House in the 2016 election, and each one of them knows who they are. They all know that if they vote to impeach they will likely face a tough re-election bid. We have to also note that any of them voting against impeachment will face a stiff even more leftist challenger with money and likely the party line endorsement behind them. Even so, I have a feeling we will see a few cross lines and vote against impeachment, even the most moderate Republicans condemn the impeachment and at least three Democrats have wavered in the face of this political stunt.

With the House Judiciary calling forward four legal scholars of which only three said impeachment should go forward, which in a court of law would be reasonable doubt. All of the three that said the impeachment should be conducted were hardcore leftist and some had even contributed money to political campaigns of progressive candidates. The house Judiciary Committee nor the House Intelligence Committee did not hear from a single minority witness. Basically, no defense was allowed by the majority party, a sham which is pushed by mainstream media who are giddy as schoolgirls on the first day of school. With less than 25% of the American public wanting impeachment, it seems like another terrible idea in a long list of terrible Democrat ideas.

It will take 218 votes to impeach the President, and assuming all of the Republicans vote against impeachment, The Washington Post tallied the votes as they stand right now at 199 Democrats for impeachment, 1 Independent for it, and no Republicans, meaning that the Democrats will need to get 18 more Democrats to vote along impeachment, it looks likely but not yet a sure thing.

Written by Stephan Ball