Impeachment of Trump Likely but not Popular

With leftist agenda pushing Mainstream Media impeachment looks likely

With the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announcing the articles of impeachment to be drawn up without so much as a shred of evidence put before the House Judiciary Committee, it looks like impeachment of President Trump is likely as a railroad job ensues, President Trump seems as usual un-phased by this in a tweet he said let’s get this to the Senate and get it over with.

President Trump did win more than 30 of the districts held by Democrats in the House in the 2016 election, and each one of them knows who they are. They all know that if they vote to impeach they will likely face a tough re-election bid. We have to also note that any of them voting against impeachment will face a stiff even more leftist challenger with money and likely the party line endorsement behind them. Even so, I have a feeling we will see a few cross lines and vote against impeachment, even the most moderate Republicans condemn the impeachment and at least three Democrats have wavered in the face of this political stunt.

With the House Judiciary calling forward four legal scholars of which only three said impeachment should go forward, which in a court of law would be reasonable doubt. All of the three that said the impeachment should be conducted were hardcore leftist and some had even contributed money to political campaigns of progressive candidates. The house Judiciary Committee nor the House Intelligence Committee did not hear from a single minority witness. Basically, no defense was allowed by the majority party, a sham which is pushed by mainstream media who are giddy as schoolgirls on the first day of school. With less than 25% of the American public wanting impeachment, it seems like another terrible idea in a long list of terrible Democrat ideas.

It will take 218 votes to impeach the President, and assuming all of the Republicans vote against impeachment, The Washington Post tallied the votes as they stand right now at 199 Democrats for impeachment, 1 Independent for it, and no Republicans, meaning that the Democrats will need to get 18 more Democrats to vote along impeachment, it looks likely but not yet a sure thing.

Written by Stephan Ball

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